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S+core is a hybrid 32/16-bit instruction set architecture designed by Sunplus Technology.

Designer Sunplus Technology
Bits 32/16-bit
Introduced 2005
Design RISC
Endianness Little


S+core architectureEdit

The 32-bit microarchitecture features Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) support and includes SJTAG for In-circuit emulation. It is implemented on the Sunplus SPG290 system-on-a-chip (SoC).[1]

It was supported by the Linux kernel since version 2.6.32[2] until version 4.17.[3]

Company informationEdit

Sunplus Technology is a fabless design company based in Taiwan. The company's chief executive is Sun Ching-jie.[4]

Before the SPG (S+core) the company designed the 8bit SPLB31A/GPLB31A and PLB20D2 based on the MOS Technology 8502 and 6502 microprocessors respectively. The Sunplus/ Generalplus SPLB31A/GPLB31A is an embedded chip that integrates LC display and I/O controllers alongside the 8502.

In 2007, HP released the HP 35s, a calculator that uses the SPLB31A/GPLB31A.[5]

George Chou was in charge of Design Methodology Service.[6]

S+core is Taiwan's first 32bit embedded processor design and has commercial success.[4][1]

Products featuring Sunplus integrated circuitsEdit

The Mattel HyperScan game console is powered by the SPG S+core

SPG (S+core)Edit

  • Mattel HyperScan[7]
  • Zone 40: Most common model. Most likely manufactured by subor,Most games copyrighted to Waixing.
  • Zone 60: Manufactured by jungletac,games by jungletac. Many games are also found on the Vii.
  • Zone 3D:Essentially a zone 40 with 3D glasses support.
  • Zone mini:Smaller console with 35 games,designed for portability. Most of the software is also found on the zone 40.
  • Sega Zone: Licensed by Sega, Mix of games by Waixing, AtGames and Tec Toy as well as some original Sega genesis games. Released in 2010.[1]

SPLB31A/GPLB31A (8502 8-bit)Edit

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