Ryukakusan Co.

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Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.
Native name
株式会社 龍角散
TypePublic KK
Founded1871; 152 years ago (1871)
HeadquartersHigashi-Kanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo101-0031, Japan
Key people
Ryuta Fujii
(President and CEO)
  • Ryukakusan and other throat products
WebsiteOfficial website

Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. (株式会社 龍角散, Kabushiki-gaisha Ryukakusan) is a Tokyo-based Japanese pharmaceutical company that develops and markets prescription and over-the-counter drug (OTC) products, especially throat and swallowing products.[1]


In early 1700s, “Ryukakusan” was a family powdered herbal cough medicine handed down through generations of the Satake clan of the Akita Domain.[2][3] Shoteiji Fujii began selling it as medicine for the public in 1871.

In 1995, the company had a ¥4 billion debt. They recovered from this by selling Iatron Laboratory to Mitsubishi in 2002.[4]

Ryukakusan's products are popular in China and Taiwan. Tourists buy their products in bulk to bring home when they travel to Japan.[4]

Chiba factory


  • Ryukakusan
  • Ryukakusan Direct
  • Ryukakusan Throat Refreshers
  • Swallowing Aid Jelly


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