Ryo Chonan

Ryo Chonan (長南亮, Chōnan Ryō, born October 8, 1976, in Tsuruoka, Yamagata) is a retired Japanese professional mixed martial artist. A professional competitor from 2001–2013, Chonan competed for the UFC, PRIDE, DEEP, DREAM, Pancrase, and World Victory Road. Chonan is the former DEEP Middleweight Champion and the former DEEP Welterweight Champion.

Ryo Chonan
Born (1976-10-08) October 8, 1976 (age 43)
Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan
Other namesPiranha, The Shark
Height5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Weight170 lb (77 kg; 12 st)
StyleKarate, Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling
TeamTribe Tokyo MMA
Team M.A.D.
Team Quest
RankBlack belt in Kyokushin Karate
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout7
By submission2
By decision13
By knockout4
By submission1
By decision8
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

Mixed martial arts careerEdit

Early careerEdit

Chonan's roots are in Kyokushin Karate, which he began in high school before later moving to Thailand to train. Chonan officially began his professional mixed martial arts career in 2001, losing his first fight in Pancrase – Neo Blood Tournament. He then went on to fight in DEEP, going 6-2 in the organization including a TKO win against Hayato Sakurai.

Chonan fought in PRIDE Bushido 3 as a representative of Team Japan, losing a decision to Ricardo Almeida. Then at PRIDE Bushido 5 he went on to defeat Carlos Newton via unanimous decision.

Chonan's next win was against future UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva at PRIDE: Shockwave 2004, where he executed a spectacular flying scissor-lock takedown, followed quickly by a heel-hook submission.

Chonan returned in DEEP defeating Roan Carneiro via TKO at 18th Impact.

He won his fight at PRIDE Bushido 7 against Nino Schembri via unanimous decision. His next fight was a KO loss against Phil Baroni at PRIDE Bushido 8. He also lost his next fight against future teammate Dan Henderson via KO at the opening seconds of the bout at PRIDE Bushido 9.

He returned at DEEP: 23 Impact to defeat Ryuta Sakurai by TKO to become the DEEP Middleweight Champion.

In the 2006 PRIDE Welterweight Grand Prix, Chonan suffered a broken orbital bone at the end of his match against Joey Villasenor caused by a stomp but was able to continue in the tournament. In his next match of the tournament, against Paulo Filho, Chonan was submitted by armbar early in the first round.

In February 2007, Chonan returned to DEEP and defeated former DEEP Middleweight Champion Ryuta Sakurai to retain the Middleweight Championship.

Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipEdit

Ryo Chonan made his UFC debut against Karo Parisyan on November 17, 2007, at UFC 78 which Chonan lost via unanimous decision after three rounds.

Chonan then defeated Roan Carneiro in their rematch via split decision on September 6, 2008, at UFC 88.

Chonan was also defeated in his next fight on December 27, 2008, by Brad Blackburn. Blackburn controlled the first two rounds before Chonan was significantly more dominant in the third round. He was unable to finish the fight by T/KO or submission and lost by unanimous decision, 2 rounds to 1.

Chonan is currently a part of the Team Quest, along with former PRIDE Fighting Championships Middleweight and Welterweight Champion Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, Jason "Mayhem" Miller, and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

Ryo Chonan was subsequently released from the UFC following a controversial split decision loss to TJ Grant.

Return to JapanEdit

He won his fight at DEEP : 43 Impact against Jutaro Nakao by unanimous decision.

Chonan made his DREAM debut at DREAM 13 defeating Andrews Nakahara by unanimous decision.

He then made his World Victory Road debut at Soul of Fight on December 30, 2010. Chonan was originally scheduled to face Dan Hornbuckle, but illness forced Hornbuckle off the card and he was replaced by Taisuke Okuno. Chonan lost the fight via KO in the first round.

Chonan returned at DEEP: 54 Impact on June 24, 2011, against Iwase Shigetoshi. Chonan won the fight by knockout.

On October 29, Chonan defeated Naoki Samukawa by unanimous decision.[1]

Chonan returned at Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 where he faced Hayato Sakurai. He lost the fight via unanimous decision.

On October 20, 2013, Chonan fought Dan Hornbuckle in his retirement fight. He won the fight by unanimous decision and retired as DEEP Welterweight Champion.

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Professional record breakdown
35 matches 22 wins 13 losses
By knockout 7 4
By submission 2 1
By decision 13 8
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 22–13 Dan Hornbuckle Decision (unanimous) DEEP: Tribe Tokyo Fight October 20, 2013 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan Won the DEEP Welterweight Championship.
Win 21–13 Seichi Ikemoto Decision (unanimous) DEEP: Osaka Impact 2013 April 28, 2013 3 5:00 Osaka, Japan
Loss 20–13 Hayato Sakurai Decision (unanimous) Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 December 31, 2011 3 5:00 Saitama, Japan
Win 20–12 Naoki Samukawa Decision (unanimous) Deep: Cage Impact 2011 in Tokyo, 2nd Round October 29, 2011 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 19–12 Shigetoshi Iwase KO (punch) Deep: 54 Impact June 24, 2011 1 4:45 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 18–12 Taisuke Okuno KO (punch) World Victory Road Presents: Soul of Fight December 30, 2010 1 0:19 Tokyo, Japan
Win 18–11 Jun Hee Moon TKO (punches) Deep: 50 Impact October 24, 2010 3 2:57 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 17–11 Jung Hwan Cha KO (punches) Astra April 25, 2010 2 1:16 Yokohama, Japan
Win 17–10 Andrews Nakahara Decision (unanimous) DREAM 13 Mar 22, 2010 2 5:00 Yokohama, Japan
Win 16–10 Jutaro Nakao Decision (unanimous) Deep: 43 Impact August 23, 2009 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 15–10 TJ Grant Decision (split) UFC 97 April 18, 2009 3 5:00 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Loss 15–9 Brad Blackburn Decision (unanimous) UFC 92 December 27, 2008 3 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Win 15–8 Roan Carneiro Decision (split) UFC 88 September 6, 2008 3 5:00 Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Loss 14–8 Karo Parisyan Decision (unanimous) UFC 78 November 17, 2007 3 5:00 Newark, New Jersey, United States Vacated DEEP Middleweight Championship.
Win 14–7 Seo Do Wong TKO (strikes) DEEP: DEEP in Yamagata June 24, 2007 1 2:58 Yamagata, Japan Drops to Welterweight.
Win 13–7 Ryuta Sakurai Decision (majority) DEEP: 28 Impact February 16, 2007 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan Defended DEEP Middleweight Championship.
Loss 12–7 Paulo Filho Submission (armbar) PRIDE: Bushido 12 August 26, 2006 1 2:30 Nagoya, Japan PRIDE 2006 Welterweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal.
Win 12–6 Joey Villaseñor Decision (split) PRIDE: Bushido 11 June 4, 2006 2 5:00 Saitama, Japan PRIDE 2006 Welterweight Grand Prix Opening Round.
Win 11–6 Ryuta Sakurai TKO (doctor stoppage) DEEP: 23 Impact February 5, 2006 1 1:57 Tokyo, Japan Won DEEP Middleweight Championship. Doctor stoppage due to cut.
Loss 10–6 Dan Henderson KO (punch) PRIDE: Bushido 9 September 25, 2005 1 0:22 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 10–5 Phil Baroni KO (punch) PRIDE: Bushido 8 July 17, 2005 1 1:40 Nagoya, Japan
Win 10–4 Nino Schembri Decision (unanimous) PRIDE: Bushido 7 May 22, 2005 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 9–4 Roan Carneiro TKO (doctor stoppage) DEEP: 18th Impact February 12, 2005 3 2:15 Tokyo, Japan Doctor stoppage due to cut.
Win 8–4 Anderson Silva Submission (flying scissor heel hook) PRIDE Shockwave 2004 December 31, 2004 3 3:08 Saitama, Japan MMAFighting Submission of The Year (2004).
Win 7–4 Carlos Newton Decision (unanimous) PRIDE Bushido 5 October 14, 2004 2 5:00 Osaka, Japan
Loss 6–4 Ricardo Almeida Decision (unanimous) PRIDE Bushido 3 May 23, 2004 2 5:00 Yokohama, Japan
Win 6–3 Daijiro Matsui Decision (majority) DEEP: 13th Impact January 22, 2004 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 5–3 Hayato Sakurai TKO (doctor stoppage) DEEP: 12th Impact September 15, 2003 3 2:10 Tokyo, Japan Doctor stoppage due to cut.
Win 4–3 Yuji Hisamatsu Decision (majority) DEEP: 11th Impact July 13, 2003 3 5:00 Osaka, Japan
Loss 3–3 Masanori Suda Decision (split) DEEP: 7th Impact December 8, 2002 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 3–2 Katsumi Usuta TKO (strikes) DEEP: 6th Impact September 7, 2002 1 0:05 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 2–2 Eiji Ishikawa Decision (majority) DEEP: 5th Impact June 9, 2002 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 2–1 Kenji Akiyama Submission (punches) DEEP: 4th Impact March 30, 2002 1 4:22 Nagoya, Japan
Win 1–1 Takaku Fuke Decision (unanimous) DEEP: 3rd Impact December 23, 2001 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 0–1 Hikaru Sato Decision (unanimous) Pancrase: 2001 Neo-Blood Tournament Eliminations May 5, 2001 3 5:00 Japan

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