Rutherglen wine region

Coordinates: 36°03′0″S 146°28′0″E / 36.05000°S 146.46667°E / -36.05000; 146.46667

Rutherglen is a wine-producing area around the town of Rutherglen in North East Victoria zone of the state of Victoria in Australia.[2] The area is particularly noted for its sweet fortified wines.

Wine region
TypeAustralian Geographical Indication[1]
Part ofNorth East Victoria
Varietals producedCabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Durif, Gewurtztraminer, Muscat, Semillon, Shiraz, Tokay (Muscadelle)
No. of wineries18

Climate and GeographyEdit

Grapes and WineEdit

A wide variety of grapes flourish in Rutherglen thanks to its sunny and dry climate. Grapes grown in this region include Durif, Muscat, Tempranillo, Marsanne, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, Shiraz, Tokay (Muscadelle).[3][4]


Winemakers of RutherglenEdit

The Winemakers of Rutherglen formed into a membership based incorporated association in 1992. 18 wineries now make up the Winemakers of Rutherglen. Member wineries are[5] All Saints Estate, Anderson Winery, Andrew Buller Wines, Buller Wines, Campbells Wines, Chambers Rosewood, Cofield Wines, John Gehrig wines, Jones winery, Morris wines, Mount Prior vineyard, Pfeiffer wines, Rutherglen estates, Scion vineyard, Stanton & Killeen, St Leonards vineyard, Valhalla wines, Warrabilla wines,

Other Rutherglen wineriesEdit

In recent years,[when?] Rutherglen has seen a number of smaller new wineries emerge varying in size and production. Some have opted to open a cellar door.

  • Calico Town Wines
  • Lilliput Wines


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