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Anthony Russo and Joseph V. "Joe" Russo (collectively known as the Russo brothers) are American film and television directors. The brothers direct most of their work jointly, and also occasionally work as producers, screenwriters, actors, and editors. The brothers directed the superhero films Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and Captain America: Civil War (2016), and will be directing Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and its untitled sequel (2019). They are also known for their work on the comedy series Arrested Development, for which they won an Emmy Award, and Community.

The Russo brothers
Anthony and Joe Russo by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Anthony Russo (right) and Joe Russo at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International
Born United States
Occupation Film directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, film editors
Years active 1994–present



Anthony and Joe Russo were raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Benedictine High School.[1] Their parents are Patricia and Basil Russo, an attorney and former judge.[2] Joe graduated from The University of Iowa and majored in English and writing.[3][4] The Russos were graduate students at Case Western Reserve University when they began directing, writing, and producing their first feature, Pieces. They financed the film with student loans and credit cards.[5] After viewing Pieces at a film festival, Steven Soderbergh approached the duo and offered to produce their next film, along with his producing partner George Clooney.[5] This project was the crime comedy Welcome to Collinwood, starring William H. Macy, Sam Rockwell, and Clooney.

FX network executive Kevin Reilly hired the Russos to direct the pilot for the series Lucky, having liked the pair's work on Collinwood.[5] Ron Howard was a fan of the pilot, and he had a hand in hiring the brothers to direct the pilot for Fox's Arrested Development.[5] The brothers won an Emmy for their work on the episode.

In 2006, the Russo brothers returned to film, directing the Owen Wilson comedy You, Me, and Dupree. The film grossed $130 million worldwide.[5] For the 2007–08 TV season, the Russos joined the crew of the ABC series Carpoolers as executive producers and directors. They served as executive producers and directors on the first several seasons of the NBC sitcom Community and the ABC series Happy Endings.

In July 2013, the brothers wrapped principal production on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a superhero sequel for Marvel Studios; the film was released on April 4, 2014.[6]

The Russos cite the sitcoms M*A*S*H, Taxi, and Cheers as influences.[1] Their younger sister Angela Russo-Ostot also is in television, having worked as a writer and producer on V and Trust Me, among other series.[1]

In January 2014, the brothers signed on to return to direct the third Captain America film, Captain America: Civil War, which was released on May 6, 2016. In May 2014, they were announced to co-write and direct The Gray Man. In March 2015, the brothers were set to direct an all-male installment in the rebooted series of the Ghostbusters franchise, produced by Sony's new-founded production company, Ghost Corps.[7][8][9] However, as of March 2016, the Russos are no longer attached to the Ghostbusters project.[10] On March 23, 2015, it was confirmed that the Russo brothers will direct Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel, which are scheduled for release in 2018 and 2019.[11] The brothers announced that they're financing the Los Angeles and Beijing joint-production company called Anthem & Song, producing the Chinese superhero movie The Hero’s Awakening.[12][13]


Year Title Credit(s)
2002 Welcome to Collinwood Directors
2006 You, Me and Dupree Directors and Actor (Joe Russo)
2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Directors and Actor (Joe Russo)
A Merry Friggin' Christmas Executive Producers
2015 Ant-Man Directors (post-credits scene, uncredited)
2016 Captain America: Civil War Directors and Actor (Joe Russo)
2018 Avengers: Infinity War Directors
2019 Untitled Avengers film Directors
Short films
Year Title Credit(s)
2002 Kiss, TheThe Kiss Directors
2006 No. 6 Producer (Joe only)
2008 Square One Writer (Anthony only)
Carfuckers Directors
2009 Donkey Punch Producer (Anthony only)
2012 Leader of the Pack Producers
Year Program Episode(s) Credit(s)
2003 Lucky "Calling Dr. Con" Directors
2003–05 Arrested Development Both: "Pilot"
Anthony only: "Top Banana", "Key Decisions", "The Immaculate Election", "Spring Breakout"
Joe only: "Bringing Up Buster", "In God We Trust", "Pier Pressure", "Marta Complex", "Shock and Aww", "Missing Kitty", "Hand to God", "Motherboy XXX", "Meet the Veals"
2004 LAX "Pilot" Directors
2004–05 All episodes Co-executive producers
2006 Secrets of a Small Town Failed ABC pilot Executive producers
What About Brian "Pilot" Directors
2006–07 All episodes Executive producers
2007–08 Carpoolers Both: "Pilot"
Anthony only: "The Code", "The Recital"
Joe only: "Laird of the Rings", "What Would You Do?", "Down for the Count", "The Seminar",
"A Divorce to Remember", "The Handsomest Man", "Lost in America"
All episodes Executive producers
2008 Courtroom K Failed Fox pilot Directors
2009 Untitled Family Pilot Failed NBC pilot Directors
Comedy Showcase "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" Directors
2009–2012, 2014 Community Both: Pilot
Anthony only: "Introduction to Film", "Social Psychology", "Home Economics", "The Politics of Human Sexuality", "Physical Education", "Beginner Pottery", "The Psychology of Letting Go", "Basic Rocket Science", "Asian Population Studies", "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy", "Biology 101", "Competitive Ecology", "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"
Joe only: "Spanish 101", "Advanced Criminal Law", "Football, Feminism and You", "Debate 109", "Investigative Journalism", "Romantic Expressionism", "Pascal's Triangle Revisited", "Anthropology 101", "Accounting for Lawyers", "Cooperative Calligraphy", "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons", "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking", "Competitive Wine Tasting", "A Fistful of Paintballs", "Geography of Global Conflict", "Advanced Gay", "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux", "Geothermal Escapism", "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"
Seasons 1-3 and 5 Executive producers, directors only (season five)
2010 Running Wilde "Pilot" Directors
Executive producers
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret "In Which Claims are Made and a Journey Ensues" (original Comedy Showcase pilot, some footage reshot) Directors
2011 The Council of Dads Fox pilot Directors
2011–2012 Happy Endings Both: "Pilot"
Anthony only: "Barefoot Pedaler", "Blax, Snake, Home", "Secrets and Limos"
Joe only: "Bo Fight", "Yesandwitch", "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
Season one & season two Executive producers
Up All Night Joe only: "Cool Neighbors", "Working Late and Working It", "Day After Valentine's Day" Directors
2012 Animal Practice Both: "Pilot"
Anthony only: "Clean-Smelling Pirate"
All episodes Executive producers
2015 Agent Carter Joe only: "Bridge and Tunnel" (as Joseph V. Russo) Directors


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