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Russky Newsweek

Russky Newsweek or Newsweek Russia was a Russian language news magazine published in Russia between 2004 and 2010 as the Russian edition of Newsweek. It was the first news magazine with a Western origin published in the country.[1]

Russky Newsweek
Editor-in-chief Mikhail Fishman
Categories News magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Axel Springer
First issue June 2004
Final issue 18 October 2010
Country Russia
Language Russian

History and profileEdit

Russky Newsweek was established in June 2004.[2][3][4] The license of the magazine was held by the Axel Springer Russia, a subsidiary of Axel Springer AG.[5][6] The magazine was published on a weekly basis by Axel Springer Russia.[7][8] The weekly featured detailed articles some of which were critical of Kremlin.[7][9]

Leonid Parfyonov and Alexander Gordeev served as the editors-in-chief of Russky Newsweek.[1][2] Mikhail Fishman was the last editor-in-chief.[5] The magazine was printed in light weight coated paper provided by LEIPA.[10]

Russky Newsweek was the recipient of the Press Leaders-2008 award of the Association of Press Distributors in the category of general interest magazines.[11]

The last edition of Russky Newsweek was published on 18 October 2010 when it ceased publication due to economic reasons.[2][5]


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