Russky Newsweek

Russky Newsweek (Russian: Русский Newsweek) or Newsweek Russia was a Russian-language news magazine published in Russia between 2004 and 2010 as the Russian edition of Newsweek. It was the first news magazine with a Western origin published in the country.[1]

Russky Newsweek
Editor-in-chiefMikhail Fishman
CategoriesNews magazine
PublisherAxel Springer
First issueJune 2004
Final issue18 October 2010

History and profileEdit

Russky Newsweek was established in June 2004.[2][3][4] The license of the magazine was held by the Axel Springer Russia, a subsidiary of Axel Springer AG.[5][6] The magazine was published on a weekly basis by Axel Springer Russia.[7] The weekly featured detailed articles some of which were critical of Kremlin.[8]

Leonid Parfyonov and Alexander Gordeev [ru] served as the editors-in-chief of Russky Newsweek.[1][2] Mikhail Fishman was the last editor-in-chief.[5] The magazine was printed in light weight coated paper provided by LEIPA.[9]

Russky Newsweek was the recipient of the Press Leaders-2008 award of the Association of Press Distributors in the category of general interest magazines.[10]

The last edition of Russky Newsweek was published on 18 October 2010 when it ceased publication due to economic reasons.[2][5]


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