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Russian Women's Football Championship

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The Russian Women's Football Championship (Russian: ЧЕМПИОНАТ РОССИИ ПО ЖЕНСКОМУ ФУТБОЛУ), also known as the Top Division, is the highest professional [1] women's football league in Russia.

Country Russia
Number of teams8
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toWomen’s 1.Division
Domestic cup(s)Russian Women's Cup
International cup(s)UEFA Women's Champions League
Current championsRyazan-VDV (4th title)
Most championshipsZvezda Perm (5 titles)

The Top Division was founded in 1992.[2] Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, there had been a women's league, but it only played two seasons, 1990 and 1991.



For the 2010 season the seven teams play each other four times, two times away and two games at home. In previous years the team played each other only twice. As Russia is in the top 8 leagues of Europe by UEFA Coefficient[3] the top two teams qualify for the UEFA Women's Champions League and the last team gets relegated to the Women’s 1.Division. The 2011–12 season was the first to last over the winter month. Eight teams contest the season and play each other four times for a total of 28 matches.[4] The tie-breaking rules after the season are in descending order: points, number of wins, then in matches between tied teams: points, wins, goal difference, goals scored, away goals scored, after that in all matches: goal difference, goals scored, away goal scored,better fair-play record and finally the tie is broken by drawing of a lot. One exception is, if there is a tie of points involving the first place, thus the tie-breaking would determine the champion. In this case, there is an additional match, or in case of at least a three way tie a tournament to be played.[5]

In the 2012–13 season a championship and relegation round was played after the regular season. After 14 matches each, the top four and bottom four teams played each other twice more. The winner of the championship round is the champion.

In 2013 the league returned to the spring-autumn format.[6] No championship group was played then. In 2014 a championship group followed the regular season. Points of both stages are added together.[7]

Champions and top scorersEdit

The champions so far are:[8][9]

Year Champion Runner-up Third place Top scorer
1992 Interros Moskva CSK VVS Samara SKIF Malakhovka   Larisa Savina (CSK VVS Samara, 23 goals)
1993 CSK VVS Samara Rus Moscow SKIF Malakhovka   Larisa Savina (CSK VVS Samara, 19 goals)
1994 CSK VVS Samara Energiya Voronezh Kaluzhanka   Nadezhda Bosikova (Energiya Voronezh, 31 goals)
1995 Energiya Voronezh CSK VVS Samara Sibiryachka Krasnoyarsk   Nadezhda Bosikova (Energiya Voronezh, 37 goals)
1996 CSK VVS Samara Energiya Voronezh Lada Togliatti   Nadezhda Bosikova (Energiya Voronezh, 39 goals)
1997 Energiya Voronezh CSK VVS Samara Ryazan   Nadezhda Bosikova (Energiya Voronezh, 21 goals)
1998 Energiya Voronezh CSK VVS Samara Ryazan   Nadezhda Bosikova (Energiya Voronezh, 19 goals)
1999 Ryazan Energiya Voronezh CSK VVS Samara
2000 Ryazan Energiya Voronezh CSK VVS Samara   Nadezhda Bosikova (Energiya Voronezh, 30 goals)
  Olga Letyushova (Ryazan, 30 goals)
2001 CSK VVS Samara Energiya Voronezh Ryazan   Olga Letyushova (Ryazan, 31 goals)
2002 Energiya Voronezh Lada Togliatti Ryazan   Natalia Barbashina (Lada Togliatti, 29 goals)
2003 Energiya Voronezh Lada Togliatti CSK VVS Samara   Natalia Barbashina (Lada Togliatti, 21 goals)
2004 Lada Togliatti Rossiyanka Energiya Voronezh   Olga Letyushova (Rossiyanka, 18 goals)
2005 Rossiyanka Lada Togliatti Nadezhda Noginsk   Olga Letyushova (Rossiyanka, 27 goals)
2006 Rossiyanka Spartak Moscow Nadezhda Noginsk   Olga Letyushova (Rossiyanka, 34 goals)
2007 Zvezda Perm Rossiyanka Nadezhda Noginsk   Olga Letyushova (Zvezda Perm, 19 goals)
2008 Zvezda Perm Rossiyanka SKA Rostov   Emueje Ogbiagbevha (Rossiyanka, 16 goals)
2009 Zvezda Perm Rossiyanka Energiya Voronezh   Daryna Apanaschenko (Zvezda Perm, 12 goals)
  Olesya Kurochkina (Zvezda Perm, 12 goals)
2010 Rossiyanka Energiya Voronezh Zvezda Perm   Emueje Ogbiagbevha (Rossiyanka, 23 goals)
2011–12 Rossiyanka Zorky Krasnogorsk Energiya Voronezh   Emueje Ogbiagbevha (Energiya Voronezh, 15 goals)
2012–13 Zorky Krasnogorsk Rossiyanka Ryazan   Olesya Kurochkina (Izmailovo Moscow, 16 goals)
2013 Ryazan Zvezda Perm Zorky Krasnogorsk   Elena Danilova (Ryazan, 17 goals)
2014 Zvezda Perm Zorky Krasnogorsk Ryazan   Daryna Apanaschenko (Zvezda Perm, 8 goals)
2015 Zvezda Perm Rossiyanka Zorky Krasnogorsk   Daryna Apanaschenko (Zvezda Perm, 13 goals)
2016 Rossiyanka Zvezda Perm Ryazan   Margarita Chernomyrdina (FC Chertanovo Moscow, 8 goals)
  Nadezhda Karpova (FC Chertanovo Moscow, 8 goals)
2017[10] Zvezda Perm Ryazan VDV Chertanovo Moskva   Elena Danilova (Ryazan VDV, 11 goals)
2018[11] Ryazan-VDV Chertanovo Moskva Zvezda Perm   Elena Danilova (Ryazan VDV, 11 goals)

Teams in the 2019 seasonEdit


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