Russ Montgomery

Russ "Monty" Montgomery is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, portrayed by Tyler James Williams.

Russ Montgomery
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders character
Russ Montgomery.jpg
Tyler James Williams as Russ Montgomery
First appearance"The Harmful One"
1x01, March 16, 2016
(on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders)
"Beyond Borders"
10x19, April 8, 2015
(on Criminal Minds)
Last appearance"The Ripper of Riga"
2x13, May 17, 2017
(on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders)
Created byErica Messer
Portrayed byTyler James Williams
In-universe information
TitleFBI IRT Supervisory Special Agent
FBI IRT Technical analyst
OccupationFBI Special Agent


Monty is a technical analyst with the FBI's International Response Team (IRT). Monty has some prior history and friendship with Penelope Garcia, the tech analyst of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Much like Garcia, he upholds a positive attitude, though he shows it in a different way. Monty and Garcia are shown to have a joking relationship, when Monty hides Garcia's octopus mug and claims not to have it.[1]

In addition to his job as a technical analyst, he liaises with the families of victims on the American homeland while the rest of his group is away.[2]


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