Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, (born Rosalyn Rushbrook in 1942, later Rosalyn Kendrick) is a British author of some forty books on Islam and other subjects.


Maqsood was born in London in 1942.[1][2] She graduated from the University of Hull in 1963 with an honours degree in Christian Theology,[1][2][3] and gained a DipEd in 1964.[2] Maqsood was a convert to Islam from Christianity in 1986.[3][4][5] She taught religious studies in the United Kingdom for more than thirty years.[4] Prior to her retirement in 1996,[1][3] she had been head of religious education at a Hull secondary school.[6]

She has written more than forty books on religious topics.[7] Under her first married name Rosalyn Kendrick, she wrote several books about aspects of Christian theology.[2] From 1992, she published a large body of writing to introduce Islam to English speaking people.[8] Her book for children, Islamic Mosques (2005), includes information about mosques and how to pronounce Islamic terms.[9] Need to Know?: Islam (2008) was considered a contemporary "Tablīgh" by Insights.[8]


Title Year Publisher Notes
Does God Have a Body? and Other Questions 1977 SCM Press, London as Rosalyn Kendrick[2][10]
Jesus of Nazareth: Plays for the Classroom 1979 Edward Arnold, London as Rosalyn Kendrick[2]
Setting the Foundations: A Guide to the Study of the Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ as Presented in the First Three Gospels 1983 Hulton Educational, Amersham as Rosalyn Kendrick [2]
The Trouble with God: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion 1983 H.E. Walter, Worthing, West Sussex [2]
In the Steps of Jesus: Insights Into the Life and World of Christ 1985 Hulton Educational, Amersham as Rosalyn Kendrick [2]
Examining Religions: Moral Issues in Six Religions, ed. W. Owen Cole 1991 Heinemann, Oxford as Rosalyn Kendrick [2]
The Separated Ones: Jesus, the Pharisees, and Islam 1991 SCM Press, London [2]
Where Did I Go Wrong? 1992 St. Paul Publications as Rosalyn Rushbrook
Sacred Texts: The Qur'an 1993 Heinemann, Oxford [2]
Petra: A Traveller's Guide 1994 Garnet Press, Reading [2]
For Heaven's Sake 1994 Ta-Ha Publications, London [2]
Thinking about God 1994 American Trust Publications, Plainfield, Indiana [2]
Living with Teenagers: A Guide for Muslim Parents 1995 Ta-Ha Publications, London [2]
The Story at I'd 1995 Heinemann Educational, Oxford
Life Beyond Death: Christian Response to Bereavement 1995 Canterbury Press, Norwich as Rosalyn Kendrick
The Muslim Marriage Guide 1995 Quilliam Press, London [2]
Islam: A Dictionary 1996 [2]
The Beautiful Commands of Allah 1997 Goodword Books, New Delhi [2]
Bride of the Nile 1998 Wolfhound Press YA fiction[11]
The Muslim Prayer Encyclopaedia: A Complete Guide to Prayers as Taught by the Prophet Muhammad 1998 Goodword Books, New Delhi [2]
After Death, Life: Thoughts to Alleviate the Grief of All Muslims Facing Death and Bereavement 1998 Goodword Books, New Delhi [2]
Living Islam: Treading the Path of the Ideal 1998 Goodword Books, New Delhi [2]
A Basic Dictionary of Islam 1998 Goodword Books, New Delhi [2]
The Beautiful Promises of Allah 1998 Goodword Books, New Delhi [2]
The Beloved Prophet 1999 Able Publishing, Knebworth [2]
The Problem of Evil 2000 Adam Publishers, Delhi [2]
The Sign of the Gnat 2000 Adam Publishers, Delhi [2]
The Mysteries of Jesus: A Muslim Study of the Origins and Doctrines of the Christian Church 2000 Sakina Books, Oxford [2][4][12]
GCSE Islam - the Do-it-Yourself Guide 2001 Goodword Books, New Delhi; IPCI, Birmingham [2]
What Every Christian Should Know about Islam 2002 Islamic Foundation, Leicester [2][3]
Islamic Mosques 2005 Raintree, Oxford
Teach Yourself Islam 1994; 3rd ed. 2006 Hodder and Stoughton, London [2]
Islam - An Introduction: Teach Yourself 2010
Islam Made Simple: Flash 2011
Islam (Collins Need to Know?) 2012 HarperCollins, London [2][8]


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