Rune Klan (born 15 October 1976 in Silkeborg) is a Danish comedian and magician. He has released an instructional video for magicians called Three Pieces of Silver. Klan has lived in the Middle East and in Canada and has toured in the U.S. where he has taught other magicians. In 2008 he was awarded the Tribini Prize by Bakken, for "his extraordinary ability to combine stand-up comedy with magic (...) and has managed to renew traditional entertainment, and also being able to convey it to the younger generation".

Rune Klan
Born (1976-10-15) 15 October 1976 (age 47)
Silkeborg, Denmark

Klan and Mick Øgendahl have together made the show Tak for i aften and Tak for i aften on Tour.

Klan had a show called Hokus Fucking Pokus, which was broadcast on Danish TV, on Channel 5 in 2009.[1]

In 2009, Klan hosted the show "Zulu Award".[2]

Klan has toured Denmark with "Det Røde Show", "Rune Klan Går Large", "Det Blå Show" and "Det Stribede Show". All of which displayed his unique combination of magic and stand-up comedy.

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Rune Klan's 3 first one-man shows: "Rune Klan l tre-i-en", "Rune Klan Går Large" and "Det Blå Show" each have three different colour themes. Red, green and blue. These three publications together form a trilogy that deals with RGB colours.

"Det Stribede Show' is the latest of Rune's new trilogy. "Det Stribede Show" was a national success and was released on DVD in 2014. The show featured a new live musical element by the South African musician "Daniel Rosenfeldt" to complement Rune's magic.

Based on previous statements from Rune in various interviews in 2013, in connection with The Stribede Show Rune mentions that this show is the start of a new trilogy, where the following 2 shows, respectively, will be called "Polka Dot Show" and "The Checkered Show"

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Author Joshua Jay wrote Rune's World, published by Vanishing Inc. Magic in April 2010.[3]

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