List of rulers of Ngwato (Mangwato)

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List of Rulers of the Bangwato (bamaNgwato)Edit

Territory located in present-day Botswana.

Kgôsikgolo = Paramount Chief

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Notes
1780 bamaNgwato territorial establishment  
1780 to 1795 Mathiba a Moleta, Kgôsikgolo  
1795 to 1817 Khama I a Mathiba, Kgôsikgolo  
1817 to 1828 Kgari a Kgama Pebane, Kgôsikgolo  
1828 to 1833 Sedimo a Molosiwa, acting Kgôsikgolo  
1833 to 1835 Khama II a Kgari, Kgôsikgolo  
1835 to 1857 Sekgoma I a Kgari Mmaphiri, Kgôsikgolo 1st Term
1857 to 1859 Matsheng a Kgari, Kgôsikgolo 1st Term
1859 to 1866 Sekgoma I a Kgari Mmaphiri, Kgôsikgolo 2nd Term
1866 to 1872 Matsheng a Kgari, Kgôsikgolo 2nd Term
1872 to 1873 Khama III Boikanyo a Sekgoma, Kgôsikgolo
(Khama III)
1st Term
1873 to 1875 Sekgoma I a Kgari Mmaphiri, Kgôsikgolo 3rd Term
1875 to 21 February 1923 Khama III Boikanyo a Sekgoma, Kgôsikgolo
(Khama III
2nd Term
21 February 1923 to 17 November 1925 Sekgoma II a Kgama Leraraetsa, Kgôsikgolo  
17 November 1925 to 19 January 1926 Gorewang a Khamane, Chairman of the Council of Regency  
19 January 1926 to 14 September 1933 Tshêkêdi a Khama, Regent
(Tshekedi Khama)
1st Term
September 1933 to 4 October 1933 Serogola a Gagoitsege, acting Regent  
4 October 1933 to 23 June 1949 Tshêkêdi a Khama, Regent
(Tshekedi Khama)
2nd Term
23 June 1949 to 8 March 1950 Sêrêtsê a Sekgoma a Kgama, Kgôsikgolo
Seretse Khama
Not recognized by protectorate authority; renouncing claim 26 September 1956
13 March 1950 to 26 May 1952 Keabôka Kgamane, Kgôsikgolo, African Authority  
13 May 1953 to May 1964 Rrasebolai a Gorewang George, Kgôsikgolo, African Authority
(Rasebolai Khamane)
May 1964 to 1969 Leeapeetswe a Tshêkêdi, Kgôsikgolo, Tribal Authority  
1969 to 1974 Leeapeetswe a Tshêkêdi, Kgôsikgolo  
1974 to 1979 Mokgatsha Mokgadi, Kgôsikgolo, Tribal Authority  
5 May 1979 to present Sediegeng Kgamane, Kgôsikgolo
(Sediegeng Kgamane)


Ian Khama, the fourth president of Botswana, son of Seretse Khama (first president of Botswana after independence in 1966), though the rightful heir of the Bamangwato tribe in Serowe, has never shown interest in taking the chieftaincy and is not expected to, even though most of the people from the tribe regard him as their king.


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