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Rugby union in Belgium is a growing sport. The national governing body for rugby union in Belgium is the Belgian Rugby Federation. The national team plays in the European Nations Cup, and as of October 2014, they were ranked thirtieth in the World Rugby Rankings.[2]

Rugby union in Belgium
Belgian rugby goes to the carnival: the Giant Xhovémont in the streets of Outremeuse in Liège, 15 August 2008
Governing bodyBelgian Rugby Federation
National team(s)Belgium
Registered players14,266 [1]
National competitions
Club competitions
Romain Orban of Kituro Rugby Club scores the winning conversion in the last second of the final of the Belgian Rugby Championship, 2009

Governing bodyEdit

The national governing body for rugby union in Belgium is the Belgian Rugby Federation (FBRB - Fédération Belge de Rugby in French and Belgische Rugby Bond in Dutch) which is headquartered in Brussels. The Belgian Rugby Federation was formed in 1931, and joined the IRFB in 1988.[3]

Rugby union is governed by two regional bodies that answer to FBRB, the national governing body. Most of the clubs in the northern region of Belgium are governed by the Vlaamse Rugby Bond (VRB). The remaining clubs are governed by the Ligue Belge Francophone de Rugby (LBFR).[4]

Rugby union in Belgium is also structured into four districts for competition purposes. These districts are; Brabant, Hainaut, Liège/Namur/Luxembourg, and Flanders.

Within these districts, there are also several leagues and divisions that are structured based on the skill level of the clubs.


For a long time, Belgian rugby's most high-profile personality was the former international referee, Teddy Lacroix, who became president of the union.[3]

Rugby union in Belgium has not been popular historically, but due to its recent international successes, it is a quickly growing sport. As of the December 2007, more than half of the nearly seven thousand registered players are pre-teens or teenagers.[5] In addition, there are currently forty-eight domestic clubs that compete against each other on various levels.

Notable playersEdit

Notable Belgian rugby players include:

  • Jacques Rogge, best known as the eighth president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), played on the Belgium national rugby team.
  • John Raphael, born and died in Belgium, but moved to England as a child and was educated there. He was capped nine times for England in 1905 and 1906.[6] In 1910 he captained the British Lions in a tour of Argentina, consisting of the South American nation's inaugural Test match.[7]
  • James Atkins
  • Oli Hockley
  • Jimmy Parker

Nationale ploegenEdit

Na het vertrekken van bondscoach Richard McClintock werd Guillaume Ajac aangesteld. Onderstaande tabel wordt verondersteld de Ruime selectie te zijn van de nationale ploeg in het seizoen 2017-2018 voor officiële wedstrijden. De lijst is niet exhaustief.

Naam speler ploeg klassement ploeg
James Pearse Edimburgh Academics ENG
Jean-Baptiste De Clercq Oloron FR FED 1
Thomas Dienst Ottignies BEL D1
Lucas Sotteau aubenas-Vals FR FED 1
Adelin Mehrez Soignies BEL D1
Lucas Sotteau Oloron FR FED 2
Alexis Cuffolo Coq Mosan BEL D2
Max Dubois Soignies BEL D1
Maxime Jadot RC Vannes FR PRO D2
Martin Jessen USAPerpignan FR PRO D2
Guillaume Mortier Provence rugby FR PRO D2
Sep De Backer Dendermonde BEL D1
Julien Massimi Asub Waterloo BEL D1
Cian Cauwenberghs Kituro BEL D1
Mathieu Verschelden RC Tricastin FR FED 1
Tuur Moelants Asub Waterloo BEL D1
Julien Penders The Dukes Ned D1
Bertrand Billi Soignies BEL D1
Paul Edouard Van Laer Nice FR FED 1
Sydney Mulumba tournefeuille FR FED 2
Romain Heyndrickx Soignies BEL D1
Brieuc Corradi dijon FR FED 1
Gillian Benoy Dendermonde BEL D1
Tom herenger Limoges FR FED 1
Jean-Maurice Decubber Angoulême FR PRO D2
Michael Abrahams Kituro BEL D1
Alec Maloir Narbonne PRO D2
Paul Edouard Van Laer Nice FR FED 1
Bastien Gallaire Stade Francais FR TOP 14
Keran Caro Terhulpen BEL D1
Esteban Thewissen Stade Toulousain FR TOP 14
Baptiste Lescaboura Kituro BEL D1
Thomas De Molder grasse FR FED 1
Amin Hamzaoui Narbonne PRO D2
Tom Coupé Dendermonde BEL D1
Thomas Vervoort La Seyne Sur Mer FR FED 1
Sven D'hooghe Montauban FR PRO D2
Clément Veeckman Hagetmau FR FED 2
Julien Berger Provence Rugby FR PRO D2
Tom Cocqu Aubenas FR FED 1
Kevin Williams Asub Waterloo BEL D1
Sebastien Guns Ottignies BEL D1
Bruno Lancelle Hyeres FR FED 2
Vincent Hart Cambridge RFC ENG
Kevin Dams Asub Waterloo BEL D1
Florian Piron ES Catalane FR FED 2
Nathan Bontems beauvais FR FED 2
Guillaume Brébant Ottignies BEL D1
Benjamin Cocu Otiiginies BEL D1
Bram Coupé Terhulpen BEL D1
Hugo Sensee Kituro BEL D1
Jens Torfs Mont-De-Marsan FR PRO D2
Guillaume Piron Colomiers FR PRO D2
Simon Causse Villeurbanne FR FED 1
Florent debatty Soignies BEL D1
Hendrik Brouwers Arras FR FED 2
Charles Reynaert Valence Romans FR FED 1
Ervin Muric Asub Waterloo BEL D1
Loic Lechien Bosvoorde BEL D1
Marc Tchangué ES Catalane FR FED 1
Louis Debatty Soignies BEL D1
Dirk Hagedoorn Agde FR FED 1
Tornike Megredlize Soignies BEL D1
Thomas Brouillard Ottignies BEL D1
Thomas Wallraff Bordeaux-Bègles FR PRO D2
Craig Dowsett Old Albanians RFC England 3de klasse, +- niveau FR FED 1
Nicolas Meeus Kituro BEL D1
Alan Williams US cognac FR FED 1

Zo goed als alle spelers zijn actief in de Belgische en Franse competitie. Daarom is het belangrijk te begrijpen hoe deze gestructureerd is. Enkel de hoogste 2 klassen in Frankrijk zijn profs.

1ste nationale (8 ploegen)
2de nationale (10 ploegen)
3de nationale (10 ploegen)
TOP 14
FED 1 (4 poules van 10 ploegen)
FED 2 (8 poules van 10 ploegen)
FED 3 (16 poules van 10 ploegen) amateurreeksen

National teamEdit

The national team, nicknamed the Black Devils (Zwarte Duivels), has been competing in international tests since 1932.

2006-08 European Nations CupEdit

The national team competed in competition in the Second Division at the 2010-2012 European Nations Cup winning the division and securing promotion to Division 1A for the next season.

Date City Opponent Results¹ Attendance Type of game
12 February 2011 Brussels   Moldova 20-5 ??? European Nations Cup
12 March 2011 Gdynia, Poland   Poland 21-28 ??? European Nations Cup
19 March 2011 Brussels   Germany 28-25 ??? European Nations Cup
23 April 2011 Amsterdam   Netherlands 30-18 ??? European Nations Cup
5 November 2011 Brussels   Czech Republic 55-0 ??? European Nations Cup
25 February 2012 Brussels   Netherlands 58-3 ??? European Nations Cup
10 March 2012 Chisinau   Moldova 17-16 ??? European Nations Cup
17 March 2012 Heusenstamm   Germany 30-29 ??? European Nations Cup
7 April 2012 Brussels   Poland 20-13 ??? European Nations Cup

¹ Results from Belgian view

See alsoEdit


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