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A detail of the consular diptych of Sividius

Rufius Achilius Sividius (floruit 483–488) was a Roman senator under Odoacer's rule. His brothers included Rufius Achilius Maecius Placidus, and Anicius Acilius Aginantius Faustus.[1]


He is defined as "quaestor" (perhaps quaestor sacri palatii) in the inscription on his seat at the Colosseum.[2] His consular diptych, which records his further career, has been preserved.[3] After his term as quaestor, Sividius was appointed praefectus urbi of Rome and then patricius. In 488 he was consul posterior with Claudius Iulius Ecclesius Dynamius, both appointed by the court of Odoacer, and praefectus urbi for the second time.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Nar. Manlius Boethius,
post consulatum Longini (East)
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Claudius Iulius Ecclesius Dynamius
Succeeded by
Petronius Probinus,
Flavius Eusebius
Preceded by
Claudius Iulius Ecclesius Dynamius
Praefectus urbi of Rome
Succeeded by
Claudius Iulius Ecclesius Dynamius