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The rue de Provence is a street located in the 8th and 9th Arrondissements of Paris. It begins at the rue du Faubourg Montmartre and ends at the rue de Rome . Only the short part of the street between rue du Havre and rue de Rome is in the 8th arrondissement.

Rue de Provence
Rue de Provence is located in Paris
Rue de Provence
Shown within Paris
Length1,193 m (3,914 ft)
Width18 m (59 ft)
Arrondissement8th, 9th
QuarterChaussée d'Antin. Madeleine
Coordinates48°52′27.02″N 2°20′10.57″E / 48.8741722°N 2.3362694°E / 48.8741722; 2.3362694Coordinates: 48°52′27.02″N 2°20′10.57″E / 48.8741722°N 2.3362694°E / 48.8741722; 2.3362694
FromRue du Faubourg-Montmartre
ToRue de Rome
n° 34: former hotel of Thélusson
and its arch-shaped entrance (1778)

Where the road is now, there used to be a little river called "ruisseau de Menilmontant" (Menilmontant brook). With the Parisian population increasing, this little river became the two-metre wide Grand Egout (great sewer) in the 17th century. Letters patent on December 15 1770 allowed the banker Jean-Joseph de Laborde to create the Rue de Provence; which would cover the "Grand Egout". The width of the road was set at 30 feet, confirmed by two ministry decisions on March 20 1813 and May 21 1823.

While "Provence" is the name of a region in the south-east of France, the street is actually named in honor of Louis-Stanislas-Xavier, comte de Provence, king of France from 1814 to 1824 under the name of Louis XVIII.

In 1884, the rue de Provence absorbed the rue Saint-Nicolas-d'Antin, which extended it further west.

Located near the Métro stationsLe PeletierHavre - Caumartin and Trinité - d'Estienne d'Orves.

Notable placesEdit

The building of the former "One-two-two"


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