Rudravarman (Khmer: រុទ្រវម៌្ម, Rudravarmman Chinese: 留陁跋摩; pinyin: Liútuóbámó), was the last king of Funan.

King of Funan
Reign514 - 540
SuccessorKulaprabhavati (529–550)[1]
Bhavavarman I (550-590)[1]
HouseHouse of Kaundinya
MotherKaundinyajayavarman's concubine[1]


Rudravarman was the last king of Funan, as mentioned by the Chinese annals.[citation needed] He was the eldest son of Jayavarman Kaundinya and was born of a concubine. After the death of his father, he murdered the legitimate heir, his half-brother Gunavarman, and seized the throne in the year 514. Until at least 517 he was involved in a power struggle with his step mother, Queen Kulaprabhavati, who was supported by his opponents.[2]

He subsequently sent embassies in China in the years 517, 519, 520, 530, 535 and 539.[citation needed] He even proposed to give a hair of the Buddha to the Emperor of China, if the sovereign agreed to send the monk Che Yun Pao to Funan.[citation needed]


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