Rudolf Hrušínský

Rudolf Hrušínský (17 October 1920 – 14 April 1994) was a Czech actor. He was one of Czechoslovakia's most famous actors and an icon of Czech culture. He was awarded the Legion of Honor by France and National Artist in his home country of Czechoslovakia. Jiri Menzel once described him as "the Czech Jean Gabin."[1] Many of his movies such as The Cremator are internationally renowned and have received awards abroad.

Rudolf Hrušínský
Rudolf Hrušínský mladší (1920-1994).jpg
Rudolf Hrušínský, 1941
Born17 October 1920
Died14 April 1994(1994-04-14) (aged 73)
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Memorial plaque in his native town

He was born in Nová Včelnice to Hermina Červičková and Rudolf Hrušinský (original name Rudolf Böhm also took the stage name Otomar Otovalský). He was born, literally, back stage during a showing of the play Taneček panny Marinky. Initially he travelled from place to place, wherever his father could find a gig, but eventually his family settled in Prague. He dropped out of law school to pursue acting. Initially he starred in minor plays, but managed to escalate to famous film roles, many of which won him fame abroad. He spent most of his theatrical career in Czech National Theatre.

Director Jiri Menzel was once offered by a West German Television studio to make a television series version of the story Good Soldier Svejk with Hrusinsky. The Czech government did not allow them to, however.[2]

He died in 1994 and is buried in Olšany Cemetery, Prague.

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