Rudi Dolezal

Rudi Dolezal (Slovene: Doležal, born 5 February 1958, Vienna) is an Austrian film producer and film director.

Rudi Dolezal (2013)


Dolezal has worked together with Hannes Rossacher since 1976 as part of their production company DoRo Productions as a producer and director, first for ORF, and then for ARD and ZDF and provided contributions for youth and music programs. With the founding of their own production company, they specialized in the music market and made music videos for national and international musicians. They also created portraits and documentaries. In 2003, the company went bankrupt, and later Rossacher and Dolezal separated and went their own way. Dolezal has two sons and lives in Purkersdorf near Vienna.

Together with Rossacher, Dolezal was involved in the content development of Premiere and VIVA. After MTV UK did not want to air the music videos of Marius Müller-Westernhagen because he sang in German, Dolezal and Rossacher planned the German music TV channel VIVA for three years,[1] which started airing in December 1993. Dolezal has won numerous awards in the film, television and music sectors.

Dolezal has filmed documentaries on Freddie Mercury, including Lover of Life, Singer of Songs. He also produced music videos for Falco, such as the music video for Rock Me Amadeus. Since 2015, he has hosted a music documentary series called Dolezal Backstage on Servus TV, in which he tells stories of his life, illustrated with archive footage, and talks about his encounters with music greats such as Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Zappa, The Rolling Stones, and others.[1]

Dolezal has received three Romy awards, most recently in 2008 - together with Rossacher - for the documentary series Weltberühmt in Österreich – 50 Jahre Austropop. In 2017, he co-directed the documentary on Whitney Houston, Whitney: Can I Be Me.


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