Rudaki Avenue

Coordinates: 38°35′33.2″N 68°47′12.6″E / 38.592556°N 68.786833°E / 38.592556; 68.786833

Rudaki Avenue (Tajik: хиёбони Рӯдакӣ, Russian: проспект Рудаки) is the main thoroughfare street in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.[1][2][3] The street is named after Rudaki, the Tajik national poet.[4] The street was known as Lenin Avenue during the Soviet period, and used to host a statue of Vladimir Lenin.[5] The street received its current name in the summer of 1992.[6]

Rudaki Avenue at night
Rudaki Avenue sidewalk

Key administrative buildings and cultural institutions are located on the street.[7]


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