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Rubbadubbers is a British stop-motion children's television series produced by HIT Entertainment. The series aired on the BBC in the United Kingdom and Nickelodeon in the United States (as part of the Nick Jr. block).[1]

Rubbadubbers Nick Jr. Logo.jpg
GenreChildren's television series
Created byPeter Curtis
Written byMarc Seal
Jan Page
Andrew Viner
Tom Cocklin
Andrew Brenner
Sally Lever
Hiawyn Oram
Jocelyn Stevenson
Hazel McBride
Polly Churchill
Directed byBrian Little
Nick Herbert
Voices ofJohn Gordon Sinclair
Sean Hughes
Maria Darling
Theme music composerKiCK Production
Opening theme"Here Come the Rubbadubbers"
Ending theme"Here Come the Rubbadubbers" (Instrumental)
Composer(s)KicK Production
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series4
No. of episodes52
Producer(s)Jackie Cockle
Production location(s)Bathsville City
Running time10 minutes per episode (approx.)
Production company(s)HIT Entertainment
Hot Animation
Original networkCBeebies
Original releaseSeptember 2, 2003 (2003-09-02) –
December 6, 2005 (2005-12-06)
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Seven anthropomorphic bath toys live a peaceful, healthy life at Benjie and Sis's house in fictional Bathsville City. Not every episode begins with the Rubbadubbers in the bathroom. Some episodes begin with the Rubbadubbers in the bathroom where they live, and in other episodes, the Rubbadubbers are found in the hallway, either on the chest of drawers, the hallway floor, or on the windowsill.

After a short while, a character decides to make a wish by saying "If only" followed by whatever he/she wishes. That particular character is then automatically escorted to an alternate reality where that "if only" wish comes true.

It always turns out that if the "if only" goes wrong, then exactly the same character wishes another "if only" that automatically escorts him/her from the dream world back to Benjie and Sis's house. Everyone then feels happy again. Every single episode ends with Reg the robot announcing to the other Rubbadubbers that the children, Benjie and Sis, are arriving for their bath.

In the dream worlds, the props and the scenery are made entirely from bathroom equipment, toothbrushes, cotton buds, soap dishes, floor tiles, sponges, shower curtains, towels, mats, radiators, fans, heating vents and even on occasion, musical instruments.



  • Tubb (voiced by John Gordon Sinclair) a pink male rubber frog with a Scottish accent, is the leader of the Rubbadubbers. He is sensitive, kind and admired by everyone for his cool attitude. He enjoys playing with the other bath toys as well as cleaning anything with his cotton bud and floating on a green lily pad. Tubb's catchphrase is, "Swimmin'!"
  • Terence (voiced by John Gordon Sinclair) a green male crocodile with an upper-class English accent. He can blow bubbles out of his nose. He dislikes getting splashed, and has a red toothbrush for cleaning his only one tooth. Terence also has several spots on his back.
  • Finbar (voiced by Sean Hughes) a blue and white male clockwork shark who speaks with an Irish accent. He can cool things down by moving his tail from side to side as well as often describing himself in third person as the Mighty Shark, often accompanied by his pirate-like phrase, "Arr, arr, arr!" Finbar also has two wheels, three fins, and one white clockwork wheel.
  • Winona (vocal effects performed by Maria Darling) a purple female rubber whale who is the only one of the group to not do "If only" wishes since she cannot speak unlike the other Rubbadubbers, instead communicating only through squeaking sounds. She also makes water come out of her blow-hole, just like ordinary whales.
  • Reg (voiced by John Gordon Sinclair) an orange male mechanical robot with an Australian accent is the supporting leader of the Rubbadubbers who, just like Terence, dislikes getting wet. Although Reg is often seen looking out for Benjie and Sis, he enjoys playing with the other Rubbadubbers in the bathroom. Whenever he says a long word, he stutters and says an easier word instead. At the end of every episode, he announces Benjie and Sis' imminent arrival: "Rubbadubbers, Rubbadubbers, the children are coming!" (usually) often followed by, "Bath time scramble!"
  • Amelia (voiced by Maria Darling) a yellow, red and blue female airplane-submarine hybrid who speaks in an enthusiastic Cockney accent, can fly in the air as well as travelling over, on and under the bath water.
  • Sploshy (voiced by Maria Darling) a magenta female starfish-shaped sponge with a childish English accent, has suction cups behind every one of her five arms. She likes to make sound and is normally seen stuck to the side of the bath as well as floating on the water and walking and cartwheeling around the bathroom. Although Sploshy is known for her temper, she can get annoyed very easily.


  • Lawrence (voiced by John Gordon Sinclair) a male crocodile with an upper-class English accent, is a minor character on Rubbadubbers and is practically identical to Terence. He can do amazing tie-tricks, he also dislikes getting splashed, he has two white teeth, the same yellow eyes, he wears the same collar, has exactly the same yellow body, but the only difference is, his necktie that he always wears is blue. Lawrence has exactly the same spots on his back, but he doesn't have a red toothbrush like Terence.
  • The two children, Benjie and Sis, are both often mentioned by the characters, but they are never seen.


Series 1 (2003)

  1. "Tubb the Pirate" – After being scared by a pirate's hat, Tubb wishes himself into becoming a pirate captain. However, he and his crew are blasted by cannonballs while being on an island.
  2. "Terence's Double Trouble" – Terence wishes to have a friend after the Rubbadubbers do not want to play with him.
  3. "Reg the Monster" – Reg wants to finish his puzzle, so he becomes the Leave Me Alone Monster.
  4. "Sploshy's Tail" – Sploshy wants to do tail tricks like Winona, so she gets herself a tail.
  5. "Tubb the Magician" – Tubb wants to make things disappear, so he becomes a magician on his birthday.
  6. "Deep Sea Reg" – Reg wants to be wet without malfunctioning, so he guards a treasure in the deep sea.
  7. "Scary Finbar" – After Finbar fails to scare his friends, he wishes that everyone is scared of him/
  8. "Train Driver Tubb" – Tubb becomes a train driver after not giving anyone else a turn on a model train.
  9. "Sploshy of the Arctic" – Sploshy transports herself to the Arctic after not wanting to cool off on a hot day.
  10. "Sploshybird" – After disrupting the Rubbadubbers' quiet time, Sploshy becomes a bird who makes noise when she moves.
  11. "Terence Of Arabia" – After being splashed, Terence transports himself to a desert, where is not much water.
  12. "Speedy Terence" – After losing a race, Terence wants to be fast.
  13. "Amelia the Babysitter" – Amelia wants to be in charge because she does not want to be told what to do. After babysitting the other Rubbadubbers in a cloud world, she learns that being in charge is too much responsibility.

Series 2 (2004)

  1. "Princess Amelia" – After bumping her nose, Amelia becomes a princess, with her servants, Tubb and Finbar, worrying about her and not letting her out of her room.
  2. "Rocket Sled Reg" – Reg wishes himself into having a faster sled, but the sled soon goes out of control in a race.
  3. "Terence the Shop Keeper" – Terence is being possessive of the new bubble bath and soaps in the bathroom.
  4. "Tubb the Frog Prince" – After Tubb sees his friends read a fairy tale book, Tubb becomes a prince himself.
  5. "Amelia and the Detectives" – Amelia needs a detective to find her missing sponge.
  6. "Footballer Tubb" – Tubb hates losing football games, so he wishes that he can win all the time.
  7. "Finbar the Star" – Finbar becomes a movie star to get out of tying the bathroom.
  8. "Spaceman Reg" – Reg wants to go to the moon after not knowing about it.
  9. "Doctor Terence" – Terence becomes a doctor to cheer his friends up and make them better.
  10. "Super Amelia" – After Amelia and Finbar try to outdo each other, Amelia wishes herself into superhero training.
  11. "Sploshy the Stoneseeker" – Sploshy wants to collect stones after not sharing any with her friends.
  12. "Sheriff Terence" – Terence makes his own rules, but runs into trouble when his own rules get the better of him.
  13. "Tubb's Cake Mistake" – Tubb dislikes the fake cake at a tea party, so he is transported to a cake shop to try real cake.

Series 3 (2005)

  1. "Finbar's Rescuers" – Finbar does not want to be a rescuer in the Sponge Rescues, so he wants to be rescued instead.
  2. "Finbar and the Green Hat Gang" – Finbar sets certain requirements for anyone who wants to be in his gang.
  3. "Terence the Spy" – Terence wants to find out what his friends are planning for him.
  4. "Terence's Bubble Trouble" – Terence does not want to run out of bubbles, so he wishes that everything he touches turns into bubbles.
  5. "Finbar's Important Part" – Finbar wants to join a band, but all the instruments are taken.
  6. "Copy Sploshy" – Sploshy wants everyone to copy her dance exactly, instead of adding their own moves.
  7. "Reg's Game Plan" – Reg does not have anymore games in his memory banks, so he transports himself to Gameland.
  8. "Farmer Sploshy" – Sploshy wants to live on a farm and drive around on a tractor all day, but she ends up neglecting all of her duties.
  9. "Little Red Riding Tubb" – Tubb plays all the roles in a Little Red Riding Hood play.
  10. "Silly Sploshy" – Sploshy is in a silly mood, and wants all the other Rubbadubbers to clown around with her while they are playing with blocks.
  11. "Terence's Ties" – Terence wants new ties after seeing Benjie and Sis's new school uniforms.
  12. "Reg in Squareworld" – After Reg cannot draw a sun properly, he gets transported to a square world, where circles are illegal.
  13. "Amelia the Diver" – Amelia has to dive to bring up Captain Terence's ship up from the sea.

Series 4 (2006)

  1. "Finbar's Gift" – When the Rubbadubbers give each other Christmas gifts, Finbar wishes that he has all the presents on Finbar Day.
  2. "Finbar and the Ghosts" – After Finbar is unable to scare his friends with a scary story, he transports himself to a school of ghosts.
  3. "Sploshy's Wishes" – After Sploshy's wish on a shooting star does not come true, she wants her own genie to give her wishes.
  4. "Sporty Reg" – After not winning the bathroom games, Reg wishes himself into Sports World to find out his real strengths.
  5. "The House That Tubb Built" – Tubb wants to build a house his way instead of following directions.
  6. "Terence the Monster Hunter" – When Terence sees Finbar dress up like a monster in the bathroom, he wishes that everyone believed him.
  7. "Reg and the Library" – Reg wants to read in peace, so he is transported to a library.
  8. "Tufty Tubb" – Tubb wants to grow hair, and styles it for a competition.
  9. "Lighthouse Keeper Reg" – Reg does not want to take a break from keeping watch, so he gets transported to his own lighthouse.
  10. "Tubb's Towers" – Tubb wants more rooms after trying and failing to read a letter in peace.
  11. "Messenger Terence" – Terence wants to be first with the news, so he becomes a 1400s explorer delivering news to a village.
  12. "Sky Painter Amelia" – Amelia wants to make pictures like her friends, but she cannot hold a paintbrush right.
  13. "Finbar the Word Shark" – Finbar keeps losing a word game, so he wants to know all the words.


These shorts were never seen on television in the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

  1. "Row, Row, Row"
  2. "Steamy Mirror"
  3. "On A Roll"
  4. "Swimming Races"
  5. "Hide And Seek"
  6. "Great Skate"
  7. "Swimmin'!"
  8. "Drip"
  9. "Being Choosey"
  10. "All Wrapped Up"
  11. "Something Sticky"
  12. "Having A Ball"
  13. "Can You Remember?"
  14. "Floaty Feather"
  15. "Clean and Groovy"
  16. "Nighty Night"
  17. "Xylophone"
  18. "Making Tracks."
  19. "Walk the Rack"
  20. "Who Am I?"
  21. "Sploshy Says"
  22. "Make or Break"
  23. "Music Box"

Home media

Rubbadubbers was released on both VHS and DVD in the United Kingdom and Ireland between 2004 and 2006 by HIT Entertainment and owned by the studios of Hot Animation. Several DVD releases were being made and they are still available in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America respectively as of today.


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