RTAF Security Force Regiment

The RTAF Security Force Regiment (Thai: หน่วยบัญชาการอากาศโยธิน) is a 100-man unit in the Royal Thai Air Force's Special Combat Operations Squadron, has been in existence since the late 1970s. They are based near Don Mueang International Airport and provide anti-hijacking capabilities.[1] They have three assault platoons, each divided into two smaller sections.

RTAF Security Force Regiment
ActiveLate 1970s-present
Country Thailand
Branch Royal Thai Air Force
TypeAir force infantry and special forces
RoleAir Force Base security and provides ground support for air operations.
Part ofRoyal Thai Armed Forces
Garrison/HQDon Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand


Royal Thai Air Force Security Force Regiment at that time it was called infantry division, established by the influence of RAF Regiment.[2] It organized according to the official rate of the Royal Thai Air Force in 1937 so-called "military regulations on the determination of the Air Force personnel 80" used on 6 September 1937. At the Air Force rate it assigned to has the infantry division consist of commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers and private. This infantry division is up to the Commander of the Wing. The infantry division be stationed on Wing 1 to Wing 5, the first five infantry divisions were the first of its kind in the Royal Air Force that means Security Force Regiment was happened in the air force.[3][4]


RTAF:Security Force CommandEdit

Hat Yai
Surat Thani
Chiang Mai
Prachuap Khiri Khan
Kamphang Saen
Khok Ka Thiem
Air bases of the Royal Thai Air Force
  • RTAF: Security Force Training Center
  • RTAF: Security Force Regiment,The King's Guard
    • RTAF: 1st Security Force Battalion,The King's Guard
    • RTAF: 2nd Security Force Battalion,The King's Guard
    • RTAF: 3rd Security Force Battalion,The King's Guard
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 1
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 2
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 4
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 5
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 7
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 21
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 23
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 41
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 46
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 53
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 56
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/WING 71
    • RTAF: Security Force Battalion/Flying Training School
  • RTAF: Anti - Aircraft Regiment,The King's Guard
    • RTAF: 1st Anti - Aircraft Battalion,The King's Guard
    • RTAF: 2nd Anti - Aircraft Battalion,The King's Guard
  • RTAF: Special Operations Regiment (Commando)
  • RTAF: Music Division


Small armsEdit

An Uzi submachine gun
Model Origin Type Caliber Notes
M1911 pistol Thailand/
United States
Semi-automatic pistol .45 ACP M1911A1[5]
Smith & Wesson M&P United States Semi-automatic pistol .22 LR M&P18[5]
Colt Commander United States Semi-automatic pistol .38 Super [5]
Browning Hi-Power Belgium Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum [5]
Remington Model 870 United States Shotgun 12 gauge [5]
Assault rifles
M16 rifle Thailand/
United States
Assault rifle 5.56mm A1[5]
Heckler & Koch HK33 Thailand/
Assault rifle 5.56mm HK33A3[5]
Bushmaster M4-type Carbine United States Carbine 5.56mm [5]
Submachine guns
Uzi Israel Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum [5]
Machine guns
M60 machine gun United States General purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO [5]
M2 Browning machine gun United States Heavy machine gun .50 BMG [5]
Grenade launchers
XM148 grenade launcher United States Grenade launcher 40mm grenade [5]
M203 grenade launcher United States Grenade launcher 40mm grenade [5]
M1 mortar United States Mortar 81 mm mortar [5]

Air-defense weaponsEdit

Model Origin Type Notes
KS-1C China Surface-to-air missile system 1 Battery
ADATS Switzerland Laser-guided supersonic missile 4 Fixed emplacement/semi-mobile[5]
RBS 70 Sweden Man-portable air-defence system [5]
QW-2 Vanguard 2 China Man-portable air-defence system [5]
MK 30 Germany Anti Aircraft Artillery MK 30 Rheinmetall Mauser Mod. F - 8 Twin 30mm Anti Aircraft Artillery[5]
Bofors 40mm L/70 Sweden Anti Aircraft Artillery 40mm Anti Aircraft Artillery[5]
Type 74 China Anti Aircraft Artillery Twin 37mm Anti Aircraft Artillery[5]

Radar systemsEdit

Model Origin Type Notes
AN/FPS-117 United States Long Range 3D Air Search Radar RTADS I.[5]
Martello-743D United Kingdom Long Range 3D Air Search Radar RTADS l/ll.[5]
AN/FPS-130X United States Long Range 3D Air Search Radar RTADS lll.[5]
AN/TPS-78 United States Long Range 3D Air Search Radar RTADS ll.[6][5]
AN/TPS-79 United States Long Range 3D Air Search Radar RTADS ll.[5]
DR-162 ADV United States Short Range 2D Air Search Radar [5]
AN/TPS-703 United States Mobile Long Range 3D Air Search Radar [5]
Giraffe-180/40 Sweden Mobile Medium Range 2D Air Search Radar [5]
ASR Japan Airport Surveillance Radar [5]
DWSR-88C United States Weather Radar [5]
TVDR-3501C United States Weather Radar [5]
TVDR-2500C United States Mobile Weather Radar [5]
KRONOS Radar Systems Italy Air Search Radar
C2ADS Thailand Air Search Radar


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