Su-bin Bak

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Royal Noble Consort Su of the Bannam Park clan (8 May 1770 - 26 December 1822) (수빈 박씨) was a concubine of King Jeongjo. Her son was king Sunjo of Joseon.

Royal Noble Consort Su
수빈 박씨
Royal Noble Consort of Joseon
Tenure1787 - 1822
Born8 May 1770
Kingdom of Joseon
Died26 December 1822 (1822-12-27) (aged 52)
Hanseong, Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseKing Jeongjo of Joseon
IssueKing Sunjo of Joseon
Princess Sukseon
HouseBannam Park
FatherPark Jun-won
Su-bin Bak
수빈 박씨
Revised RomanizationSubin Bakssi
McCune–ReischauerSubin Pakssi


She was from the Bannam Park clan and was born on 8 May 1770. Her personal name was Park Ga-sun. She was the daughter of Park Jun-won, Minister of Justice and Lady Won of the Wonju Won clan.[1]

On 12 February 1787, King Jeongjo made Lady Park as his concubine, with the prefix of "Su" meaning (蘇) "upright". In 27th day of July 1790, Lady Park gave birth to Prince Yi Gong (이공). In 1793, Lady Park gave birth to Princess Sukseon. In 1800, Prince Gong was appointed as Heir Apparent with the title of Crown Prince Gongbo.

Royal Noble Consort Su was described as gentle, well-behaved and courteous. She was also usually taciturn and lived simply. As a result, she was greatly admired as "a benevolent wife (賢嬪)".[2]

In 26th day of December 1822, Lady Park died in Bogyeongdang Hall of Changdeok Palace. She was buried in Hwigyeongwon. In 1855 (the 6th year of King Cheoljong), when the Illeung, the royal tomb of King Sunjo, was moved to another location, the Hwigyeongwon was moved to the Sungangwon. In the 14th year of King Cheoljong, it was moved again to the current place because the location of the Sungangwon was reportedly not good, according to the Feng Shui.[2]

The ancestral tablet is enshrined in the Chilgung (the place where ancestral tablets of seven royal concubines are enshrined. All of them were birth mothers of kings of the Joseon Dynasty or those who received the posthumous title of king).[2] She received a posthumous title of "Lady Hyeonmok, Royal Noble Consort Su of the Bannam Park clan (현목수비 박씨)[2]


  • Father: Park Jun-won (1739 - 1807) (박준원)
    • Grandfather: Park Sa-seok (1713 - 1774) (박사석)
    • Grandmother: Lady Yu of the Gigye Yu (기계 유씨)
  • Mother: Lady Won of the Wonju Won clan (1740 - 1783) (원주 원씨)
  • Husband: King Jeongjo of Joseon (28 October 1752 – 18 August 1800) (조선 정조)
    • Son: King Sunjo of Joseon (29 July 1790 – 13 December 1834) (조선 순조)
    • Daughter: Princess Sukseon (1 March 1793 - 7 June 1836) (숙선옹주)[3]
      • Son-in-law: Hong Hyeon-ju (1793 - 1865) (홍현주)