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Royal Crown Revue (RCR) was a band formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. They are often credited with starting the swing revival movement.[1][2]

Royal Crown Revue
Royal Crown Revue.jpg
Background information
OriginLos Angeles
GenresSwing revival
LabelsBYO, Surfdog, Warner Bros., RCR
Associated actsYouth Brigade
  • Mark Cally
  • Mando Dorame
  • Daniel Glass
  • Jim Jedeikin
  • Dave Miller
  • Eddie Nichols
Jennifer Keith
Past members
  • James Achor
  • Veikko Lepisto
  • Adam Stern
  • Jamie Stern
  • Mark Stern
  • Bill Ungerman
  • Scott Steen

The band was founded by Mark Stern, Eddie Nichols and Mando Dorame out of their love of Rockabilly, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Soul and other styles of roots music. Two of Stern's siblings, Jamie and Adam rounded out the group (Mark, Adam and another brother Shawn were members of the punk band Youth Brigade).

After releasing their first album on BYO Records, the band signed with Warner Bros. and parted ways with the Stern brothers.[3] Currently, RCR's lineup consists of singer Eddie Nichols, tenor saxophonist Mando Dorame, and drummer Daniel Glass. The band played to capacity crowds in Australia, Europe and the U.S.

After filming The Mask, RCR began a residency at the landmark Los Angeles club, The Derby, which gained worldwide recognition[4] due mainly to the location's inclusion in the film Swingers. Although the band's music was an instrumental part of The Derby's swing scene, a conflict in their Warner Brothers contract prevented Royal Crown Revue from appearing in the movie.

The RCR Horn section backed Bette Midler on her top-grossing 2003–2004 Kiss My Brass tour. Trumpeter Scott Steen was Bette's featured soloist.

RCR made numerous film, television, radio and print appearances, including The Mask, Golden Gate, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Viva Variety, The Today Show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In 1998 the group appeared at the Playboy Jazz Festival, recorded and performed live with Bette Midler at the Billboard Music Awards and composed the original theme for the WB Network's 1999 television season.

Current band membersEdit

  • Eddie Nichols - Vocals
  • Jennifer Keith - Vocals
  • Mando Dorame - Tenor sax
  • Daniel Glass - Drums
  • Dave Miller - Bass
  • Mark Cally - Guitar
  • Jim Jedeikin - Baritone sax/Alto sax
  • Lee Thornburg - Trumpet (alternate)
  • Mark Pinder - Trumpet (alternate)
  • (note: Jim Honeyman is credited as the Baritone sax/Alto sax on the Live At The Corner Hotel album)

Former band membersEdit

  • James Achor - Guitar
  • Enrico Crivellaro - Guitar
  • Greg Erba - Guitar
  • Veikko Lepisto - Bass
  • Adam Stern - Bass
  • Mark Stern - Drums
  • Jamie Stern - Alto sax
  • Bill Ungerman - Alto sax/Baritone sax
  • Scott Steen - Trumpet


  • Kings Of Gangster Bop (Big Daddy Records/BYO, 1991)
  • Hey Santa!!! ((Big Daddy Records/BYO, 1992) two-song EP.
  • Mugzy's Move (Warner Bros. Records, 1996) re-released in 1998, adding on the bonus track "Barflies At The Beach".
  • Caught In The Act [live] (Surfdog Records/WEA, 1997)
  • The Contender (Warner Bros. Records, 1998)
  • Walk On Fire (Side One Dummy Records, 1999)
  • Passport To Australia [live] (Kufala Recordings, 2000; Disc Union, 2005)
  • Greetings From Hollywood: A Review of The Revue 1994-2004 (RCR Records, 2005) compilation of previously unreleased material, including their rare 1994 five-song demo Hollywood Tales.
  • El Toro (RCR/Kufala Recordings, 2007) six-song EP.
  • Live At The Corner Hotel, Melbourne Australia (, 2007)
  • Don't Be A Grinch This Year! (RCR Records, 2010)

Legal controversyEdit

From 1996 through 1998, the Royal Crown Revue was engaged in a lawsuit with the Amazing Royal Crowns after much confusion with promoters. In accordance with a July 1998 settlement, the latter band changed its name to the Amazing Crowns; in exchange, the Revue agreed to drop the lawsuit.[5] The band was also sued by Royal Crown Cola, and won that suit. Oddly, RC Cola later offered to sell RCR's CD through a series of marketing promotions. Royal Crown Revue appeared as a question on the Jeopardy! game show with the reference answer being the RC Cola lawsuit.

Notes and referencesEdit

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