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Roy Chiu (Chinese: 邱澤; pinyin: Qiū Zé; born 14 October 1981) is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and racing driver. He made his debut in 2002 with the television series Starry Starry Night. In 2006, he was enlisted for his mandatory military service. He returned to acting in 2008 and rose to prominence three years later after appearing in the dramas My Daughter (2011), Waking Love Up (2011), and Office Girls (2011).[1]

Roy Chiu
Born (1981-10-14) 14 October 1981 (age 37)
Alma materTaipei Physical Education College
OccupationActor, singer, racing driver
Years active2002–present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese邱澤
Simplified Chinese邱泽
Musical career
Also known asRoy Qiu
Chiu Tse
Qiu Ze
LabelsEMI Music



Television seriesEdit

Year English title Mandarin title Role Notes
2002 Starry Starry Night 雪地裡的星星 Qiu Ze
2003 First Love 又見橘花香 Da Fei Cameo
2003 Original Scent of Summer 原味的夏天 Xia Ri
2003 Living with Lydia Himself
2004 Basketball Tribe 籃球部落 Gao Fei
2004 Ping Pong 乒乓 Jiang Tao Cameo
2005 Beyond The aXis of Truth II 法醫X檔案2 Kong Zhijie
2005 Wind Warrior 風中戰士 Wei Tingjun
2005 P.S...I Luv U 天使我愛你 Lin Shouxin / Xu Nuoyan
2006 Yours Always 讓愛自郵 Zhang Shaoqi
2006 Parallel Lines 平行線 Xiao Jie
2008 Woody Sambo 無敵珊寶妹 Zhao Weiqing
2009 Easy Fortune Happy Life 福氣又安康 Han Dongjie
2009 My Youth 我的青春ㄌㄨˋ Beautiful man
2009 Liao Zhai 3 聊齋3-畫壁 Meng Longtan
2009 The Girl in Blue 佳期如夢 Ruan Zhengdong
2010 My Daughter 夏家三千金 / 愛情真善美 / 把愛搶回來 Yan Ge
2011 Unbeatable 無懈可擊之高手如林 Wei Xiao
2011 Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝 Qin Ziqi
2011 Waking Love Up 愛情睡醒了 Xiang Tianqi
2012 Miss Rose 螺絲小姐要出嫁 Gao Chengkuan
2012 Wine Beauty 紅酒俏佳人 Shen Zihao
2013 Super Cinderella 超級灰姑娘 Li Feng
2014 Cold Love Be Passionately in Love 冷愛熱戀 Liang Xiaodong
2015 Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Hao Meng / Justin
2016 Golden Darling 原來一家人 Huang Jinfa
2016 Luxury Era Xie Wei
2016 In Love - The Last Gentleness 滾石愛情故事-最後一次溫柔 Lee Chien-chiao
2018 The Family 幸福一家人 Fang Tianyi
無界限 Meng Xing
2019 讓我聽懂你的語言 Xu Haoning


Year English title Mandarin title Role Notes
2004 Date 約會 N/A Unreleased
2007 Butterfly Love 蝶戀
2008 Poetry of Summer 夏日之詩 Xu Yujie / Summer Short film
2009 L-O-V-E 愛到底 Actor in segment "Xing yun"
2010 Rely N/A A Che
2011 Arthur Christmas N/A Arthur Claus Taiwanese version, voice
2013 Good Luck! Boy 加油!男孩 / 夢糖工場 Li Mengze
2015 An Accidental Shot of Love 擦槍走火 Sun Yao
2015 Romance Out of the Blue 浪漫天降 Hu Yingjun
2017 Dan Ban Chu Shen 單板廚神 Summer
2018 Samsara
2018 Dear Ex 誰先愛上他的 Ah Jie
2019 江湖無難事
2019 第九分局 Ahao

Music videosEdit

Year Artist Song title
2001 Joey Yung "Honestly"
2001 Joey Yung "Solemn On Stage"
2001 Joey Yung "Thank You For Loving Me"
2001 Joey Yung "Goodbye My First Love"
2002 Chris Yu "Closer"
2002 Siren "I'm Here"
2006 F.I.R. "Flight Tribe"
2006 F.I.R. "Deeply In Love With Him"
2008 Achau "Do You Understand"
2008 Achau "Pàng pàng"
2009 Achau "How Are You?"
2011 Genie Chuo "Xiǎng fēi de zì yóu luò tǐ"
2015 Yu Chiu-hsin "Imperfect Heartbeat"
2015 Yoga Lin "Circling"
2015 Joanne Tseng and Real "Love's Forever"
2016 Sammi Cheng "Love Without Fear"


Studio albumsEdit

Title Album details Track listing
Qiu Ze
Track listing
  1. 序曲∼黑斗篷
  2. 祝我生日快樂
  3. 秋天的地圖 (7-11鐵道秋郊廣告曲)
  4. 他們很忙Easy 4U (光陽機車告曲)
  5. 愛只剩一天
  6. 冷風
  7. 我不是你的王子
  8. 遐想
  9. 夜景
  10. 20歲的界線(Bonus Track) ("大漢天子"片尾曲)
  11. 你知道我愛你 ("雪地裡的星星"主題曲)
I Don't Understand
Track listing
  1. 先生我聽不懂
  2. 赤裸
  3. 字 給文字 T 作者
  4. 圖騰
  5. 當我不在吧
  6. 別跳下去
  7. 太陽之吻
  8. 無限
  9. 新世界
  10. 旁觀者

Compilation albumsEdit

Title Album details Track listing
Track listing
  1. Remember
  2. 你知道我愛你
  3. Easy 4 U (他們很忙 )
  4. 20歲的界線
  5. 當我不在吧
  6. 做你的英雄
  7. 原味的夏天
  8. 秋天的地圖
  9. 無限
  10. 預約夏天
  11. 惦記這一些
  12. 愛只剩一天
  13. 是你
  14. 祝我生日快樂
  15. 先生 我聽不懂
  16. 親愛的朋友 (大合唱)

Soundtrack albumsEdit

Title Album details Track listing
Starry Starry Night OST
Track listing
  1. 你知道我愛你 ("雪地裡的星星"主題曲)
  2. 是你
  3. 做妳的英雄
Original Scent of Summer OST
Track listing
  1. 原味的夏天
  2. 惦記這一些
  3. 預約夏天 – 邱澤 方皓玟
  4. 蓝色爱情
  5. 一滴思念的淚
  6. 一個人
  7. 20歲的界線
  8. 慾望
Woody Sambo OST
Track listing
  1. 微不足道
Wine Beauty OST
  • Released: January 6, 2015
  • Label: Shanghai Tan Xuan Music
  • Formats: digital download
Track listing
  1. 宣言

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2012 1st Sanlih Drama Awards Best Actor Office Girls Won
Popularity Award Miss Rose Won
2016 51st Golden Bell Awards Best Leading Actor in a Television Series Marry Me, or Not? Nominated
Best Leading Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film In Love - The Last Gentleness Nominated
2018 20th Taipei Film Awards Best Actor Dear EX Won
55th Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actor[2] Nominated


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