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Roy Campanella II

Roy Campanella II (born June 20, 1948) is a television director and producer.

Roy Campanella II
Roy Campanella II

(1948-06-20) June 20, 1948 (age 71)
OccupationTelevision director and television producer
Years active1982—present


Born Roy Campanella II, he is the son of professional baseball great Roy Campanella.[1][2] After directing some short films, the younger Campanella began directing episodic television. One of his first professional assignments was directing an episode of the Lou Grant television series in 1982. Within a few years he was also directing longer form television projects. He was also listed as a "creative consultant" in the credits of the sitcom "227."

By the late 1990s, he was also producing. He entered into an arrangement with Black Entertainment Television (BET) to executive produce a series of feature-length adaptations of black romance novels (three of which he also directed).

In 2004, Campanella was named general manager of Pacifica radio station, KPFA in Berkeley, California.[3] Campanella resigned fourteen months later in the wake of reports that KPFA's 24-member Local Station Board (LSB) voted to terminate his employment. Tomas Moran, a former board member and KPFA supporter speculated that Campanella was forced to resign because he rankled a fiercely entrenched bureaucracy that could not agree on the direction of the station. The previous general manager, former Berkeley Mayor Gus Newport served less than a year before he stepped down citing personal reasons.[4]

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Movies of the Week (MOWs)Edit

Year Title Network Notes
2000 Masquerade BET
Playing with Fire
1999 Rendezvous
1991 Brother Future PBS DGA Award, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Shows - Daytime
1988 Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story CBS
Body of Evidence CBS
1986 Passion and Memory PBS


Year Series Network Episode Notes
2002 Philly ABC "Lies of Minelli"
Boston Public Fox "Chapter Thirty-Four"
1999 Beverly Hills, 90210 "Slipping Away"
"Trials and Tribulations"
1997 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman CBS "Wave Goodbye"
1992 I'll Fly Away NBC "The Way Things Are" nominated for DGA Award, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series' - Night
1982 Lou Grant CBS "Beachhead"

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