Rowland Mason Ordish

Rowland Mason Ordish (11 April 1824 – 1886)[1] was an English engineer. He is most noted for his design of the Winter Garden, Dublin (1865),[2] for his detailed work on the single-span roof of London's St Pancras railway station, undertaken with William Henry Barlow (1868)[3] and the Albert Bridge, a crossing of the River Thames in London, completed in 1873.[4]

Born in Melbourne, Derbyshire, Ordish was the son of a land agent and surveyor. He worked with Charles (later Sir Charles) Fox, who was responsible for the construction of Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London in 1851. He subsequently supervised its re-erection in Sydenham, south London.[5]

His other projects included:

Bridge designEdit

In 1858 Ordish patented a bridge suspension system, which he later used in the design of bridges across several European rivers that include Neva at St Petersburg. The system, which consists of a rigid girder suspended by inclined straight chains, was known as Ordish's straight-chain suspension system.[5]

The Ordish–Lefeuvre Principle is named after him and his partner William Henry Le Feuvre (1832? – ?) from Jersey (together the pair submitted plans for the department store De Gruchy's in St Helier, Jersey).[10]


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