Rowing at the 1960 Summer Olympics – Men's coxless four

The men's coxless fours competition at the 1960 Summer Olympics took place at Lake Albano, Italy. The event was held from August 31 until September 3.[1]

Men's coxless fours
at the Games of the XVII Olympiad
VenueLake Albano
Date31 August – 3 September
Competitors64 from 16 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Arthur Ayrault
Ted Nash
John Sayre
Rusty Wailes
 United States
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Tullio Baraglia
Renato Bosatta
Giancarlo Crosta
Giuseppe Galante
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Igor Akhremchik
Yuriy Bachurov
Valentin Morkovkin
Anatoly Tarabrin
 Soviet Union
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Competition formatEdit

This rowing competition consisted of two main rounds (heats and final), as well as a repechage round that allowed teams that did not win their heats to advance to the final. All races were 2,000 metres in distance.

  • Heats: Three heats. With 16 boats entered, there were five or six boats per heat. The winner of each heat advanced directly to the final; all other boats went to the repechage.
  • Repechage: Three heats. With 13 boats racing in but not winning their initial heats, there were four or five boats per repechage heat. The top boat in each repechage heat advanced to the final, with the remaining boats eliminated.
  • Final: The final consisted of the six boats that had won either the preliminary heats or the repechage heats.



Heat 1Edit

Rank Rowers Nation Time Notes
1   Great Britain 6:28.18 Q
2   United States 6:29.67 R
3   Poland 6:34.20 R
4   Hungary 6:34.90 R
5   Denmark 6:44.20 R
6   Finland 7:08.95 R

Heat 2Edit

Rank Rowers Nation Time Notes
1   Czechoslovakia 6:36.65 Q
2   Romania 6:43.45 R
3   South Africa 6:46.58 R
4   Australia 6:49.83 R
5   Canada 6:56.32 R

Heat 3Edit

Rank Rowers Nation Time Notes
1   Soviet Union 6:29.41 Q
2   Italy 6:31.84 R
3   United Team of Germany 6:36.81 R
4   Switzerland 6:43.48 R
5   Argentina 6:52.32 R


Repechage heat 1Edit

Rank Rowers Nation Time Notes
1   United States 6:24.84 Q
2   United Team of Germany 6:27.61
3   Canada 6:44.77
4   Australia 6:45.25

Repechage heat 2Edit

Rank Rowers Nation Time Notes
1   Switzerland 6:42.19 Q
2   Romania 6:47.04
3   Poland 6:48.50
4   Argentina 6:56.35
  Finland DNS

Repechage heat 3Edit

Rank Rowers Nation Time Notes
1   Italy 6:37.79 Q
2   Hungary 6:43.44
3   Denmark 6:49.75
4   South Africa 6:50.32


Rank Rowers Nation Time
    United States 6:26.26
    Italy 6:28.78
    Soviet Union 6:29.62
4   Czechoslovakia 6:34.30
5   Great Britain 6:36.18
6   Switzerland 6:38.81


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