Route nationale 35 (Madagascar)

Route nationale 35 (RN 35) is a primary highway in Madagascar of 456 km, running from Ivato, Ambositra to Morondava. It crosses the regions of Menabe and Amoron'i Mania.

Route nationale 35
Highway system
Madagascar RN35

It had been completely renovated in 2012.[1] N35 paved from N7 to Ambatofinandrahana. Unpaved with 2 broken bridges requiring temporary repairs to traverse to Itremo. Bridge at Itremo impassable by vehicle. From Malaimbandy to Mandrosonoro unpaved except for a paved section a few kilometers with one section of road only difficultly traversable by 4 wheel drive vehicle or motorcycle. This information is based on personal experience with the road in June 2015.

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