Round Island Light, Sri Lanka

The Round Island Lighthouse (also known as the Trincomalee Light or Kevuliya Light) is an offshore lighthouse on Round Island in Trincomalee Bay, Sri Lanka and is operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.[1] The lighthouse was erected in 1863, originally it was a red light however in 1864 it was changed to white.[2][3]

Round Island Lighthouse
Round Island Lighthouse.jpg
The lighthouse in 2011
LocationTrincomalee Harbour
Eastern Province
Sri Lanka
Coordinates8°30′46.6″N 81°13′33.2″E / 8.512944°N 81.225889°E / 8.512944; 81.225889
Constructionmasonry tower
Height21 metres (69 ft)
Shapecylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markingswhite tower
Focal height31 metres (102 ft)
CharacteristicFl (3) WR 15s.

The 21-metre-high (69 ft) lighthouse is located atop a small island in the bay; one of the white sectors marks the proper line of entrance to the harbor. It is accessible only by boat however both the island and lighthouse are closed to the public.

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