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The Rothmans Medal was the premier individual award in both the New South Wales Rugby League and Brisbane Rugby League competitions, and later in the Australian Rugby League, which was given to the player voted by referees as the best and fairest in those competitions for the season. The award was established in both leagues in 1968, and ran until 1997. In 1998, with the establishment of the National Rugby League, the Rothmans Medal was replaced by the Dally M Medal as the official Player of the Year award.

Rothmans Medal
Given forThe best and fairest player in the New South Wales Rugby League and the Brisbane Rugby League
Country Australia
First award1968 (Rothmans Medal)
1997 (Provan-Summons Medal)
Final award1997

The Rothmans Medal was also the award for Player of the Year in the Queensland Rugby Union premier grade competition between 1976 and 1996.[1]


The Rothmans Medal was the first official player-of-the-year award to be established in rugby league in Australia. The medal was sponsored by Rothmans International, a tobacco production company. There were two Rothmans Medals awarded each year: one for the best player in the New South Wales Rugby League, and one for the best player in the Brisbane Rugby League.

The voting for the Rothmans Medal was done by the match-day referee. After each match, he awarded three votes to the best player, two votes to the second-best player, and one vote to the third-best player. This is the same basic format as the modern day Dally M, except that the votes are now determined by the media.

The two Rothmans Medals were first awarded in 1968, and were awarded each year until 1996. In 1997, the Rothmans Medal in New South Wales became known as the Provan-Summons medal, because all tobacco advertising and sponsorship was prohibited in Australia in 1992, under the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1992; the medal then disappeared altogether in 1998 with the merger of the Australian Rugby League and the Australian Super League. The Queensland Rothmans Medal was also last awarded in 1996, as the Queensland Cup superseded the Brisbane Rugby League as Queensland's premier rugby league competition in 1997.

Rothmans Medal winnersEdit

New South WalesEdit

Note: includes Provan-Summons Medal winner in 1997.

Year Winner Position Team
1968 Terry Hughes Halfback   Cronulla
1969 Denis Pittard Five-eighth   South Sydney
1970 Kevin Junee Halfback   Eastern Suburbs
1971 Denis Pittard Five-eighth   South Sydney
1972 Tommy Raudonikis Halfback   Western Suburbs
1973 Ken Maddison Second-row   Cronulla
1974 Graham Eadie Fullback   Manly-Warringah
1975 Steve Rogers Centre   Cronulla
1976 Ray Higgs Second-row   Parramatta
1977 Mick Cronin Centre   Parramatta
1978 Mick Cronin Centre   Parramatta
1979 Ray Price Lock   Parramatta
1980 Geoff Bugden Prop   Newtown
1981 Kevin Hastings Halfback   Eastern Suburbs
1982 Greg Brentnall Fullback   Canterbury
1983 Michael Eden Five-eighth   Eastern Suburbs
1984 Terry Lamb Five-eighth   Canterbury
1985 Wayne Pearce Lock   Balmain
1986 Mal Cochrane Hooker   Manly-Warringah
1987 Peter Sterling Halfback   Parramatta
1988 Barry Russell Halfback   Cronulla
1989 Gavin Miller
Mark Sargent
1990 Peter Sterling Halfback   Parramatta
1991 Ewan McGrady Halfback, Fullback   Canterbury
1992 Allan Langer Halfback   Brisbane
1993 Ricky Stuart Halfback   Canberra
1994 David Fairleigh Second-row   North Sydney
1995 Paul Green Halfback   Cronulla
1996 Jason Taylor Halfback   North Sydney
1997 Brad Fittler Five-eighth   Sydney Roosters



Year Winner Position Team
1968 Wayne Head Fullback   Western Suburbs
1969 Johnny Brown Halfback   Northern Suburbs
1970 Graeme Atherton Five-eighth   Southern Suburbs
1971 Len Brunner Second-row   Wynnum-Manly
1972 Marty Scanlan Five-eighth   Valleys
1973 John Eales Centre   Eastern Suburbs
1974 Jeff Fyfe Lock   Eastern Suburbs
1975 Steve Calder Lock   Northern Suburbs
1976 Darryl Brohman Prop   Northern Suburbs
1977 Alan Currie Lock   Eastern Suburbs
1978 Ian Pearce Centre   Redcliffe
1979 Neville Draper Lock   Northern Suburbs
1980 Tony Obst Fullback   Redcliffe
1981 Chris Phelan Lock   Southern Suburbs
1982 Tony Currie Fullback, Centre   Western Suburbs
1983 Trevor Paterson Second-row   Eastern Suburbs
1984 Cavill Heugh Prop   Eastern Suburbs
1985 Ian French Second-row   Wynnum-Manly
1986 Bryan Niebling
Scott Tronc
Second-row, Prop
Second-row, Prop
  Southern Suburbs
1987 Gene Miles Centre   Wynnum-Manly
1988 Kevin Langer Halfback   Western Suburbs
1989 Neil Tierney Prop   Wynnum-Manly
1990 Trevor Benson   Redcliffe
1991 Darryl Duncan Five-eighth   Northern Suburbs
1992 Jason Hanrahan   Southern Suburbs
1993 Paul Green
Steve Mills
  Eastern Suburbs
  Western Suburbs
1994 Steve Bryant Prop   Brothers
1995 Graham Cotter Prop   Redcliffe
1996 Alan Wieland Lock, Second-row   Western Suburbs


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