Roter Veltliner

Roter Veltliner is a grape variety used to make white wine. It is found in Austria. Some of the better wines come from the Wagram district of Donauland.[1]

Roter Veltliner
Grape (Vitis)
Veltliner Rot DSC 4578.JPG
Color of berry skinRose
SpeciesVitis vinifera
Also calledRoter Muskateller, Roter Reifler
VIVC number12931

It is believed to be a very old variety, but its parentage has so far not been possible to determine. There are however several other varieties which are the offspring of Roter Veltliner, such as:[2]

Despite its name Roter Veltliner is not related to Grüner Veltliner. It was previously believed that Roter Veltliner could be a grandparent to Grüner Veltliner, but that hypothesis seems to have lost credibility with later studies.


Roter Veltliner is also known under the synonyms Ariavina, Ariavina Männliche, Bakor, Belo Ocka, Belo Oka, Buzyn, Cerveny Muskatel, Crvena Valtelina, Crvena Valtelinka, Csucsos Bakor, Debela Ariavina, Dreimänner, Erdezha, Erdezha Shopatna, Erdezka Rabolina, Fedleiner, Feldleiner, Feldleiner Rothlichter, Feldliner, Feldlinger, Feltliner, Fleisch Roter Velteliner, Fleisch Roter Wälteliner, Fleisch Traminer, Fleischroter Traminer, Fleischrother Velteliner, Fleischrother Veltliner, Fleischtraminer, Fleischtraube, Fleischtraube Rot, Fleischweiner, Grosbrauner Velteliner, Grossbrauner, Grosse Fleischtraube, Grosser Fleischtraube, Grosser Roter Veltliner, Grosser Rother Välteliner, Grosser Rother Veltliner, Grosser Traminer, Grosser Välteliner, Grosser Velteliner, Grosswiener, Herera Rhaetica, Herera Valtellina, Kecskecsecs, Krdeca, Männliche Ariavina, Mannliche, Maucnjk, Mavcnik, Mavenick, Mavenik, Moseavina, Moslavina, Muscateller, Muskatel Cerveny, Nagy Veltelini, Nagysagos, Nyulsölö, Nyulszölö, Piros Veltelini, Pirosveltelin, Pirosveltelini, Rabolina, Raifler, Raisin de Saint Valentin, Ranfler, Ranfolica, Ranfolina, Ranfoliza, Raufler, Raufolica, Rebalina, Rebolina, Red Veltliner, Reifler, Rhaetica, Riegersburger Rothköpfel, Riegersburger Rothtöpfel, Rivola Tchervena, Rossera, Rossola, Rote Fleisch Traube, Rote Fleischtraube, Rote Fleischtrauble, Roter, Roter Muskateller, Roter Riesling, Roter Välteliner, Roter Velteliner, Roter Veltiner, Roter Veltliner, Rotgipfler, Rothe Shopatna, Rothe Shopotna, Rothe Velteliner, Rother Fleischtraube, Rother Muscateller, Rother Raifler, Rother Riesling, Rother Välteliner, Rother Velteliner, Rother Veltliner, Rother Zierfahnler, Rothgipfler, Rothlichter, Rothreifler, Rotmehlweisser, Rotmuskateller, Rotreifler, Rudeca, Ryvola Cervena, Ryvola Crvena, Saint Valentin Rose, Saint Valentinrose, Shopatna, Shopotna, Somsölö, Spaete Ranfoliza, St. Valentin, Tarant Cerveny, Tarant Rot, Todtraeger Rotreifler, Traminer, Uva di San Valentino, Valentin, Valentin Rouge, Välteliner, Välteliner Roter, Valtelin Rouge, Valteliner, Vältliner, Valteliner Rosso, Valteliner Rouge, Valteliner Tardif, Veltelin Piros, Veltelin Rosso, Velteline Rouge, Velteliner, Velteliner Rose, Velteliner Roso, Velteliner Roter, Velteliner Rother, Velteliner Rouge, Veltelini Piros, Veltlinac Crveni, Veltliner, Veltliner Rosso, Veltliner Rot Weiss, Veltliner Roth, Veltliner Rother, Veltliner Rouge, Veltlini Piros, Veltlinske Cervene, Veltlinski Rozovii, Veltlinskii Rozovii, Veltlinsky Rosovy, Vernyeges Veltelini, Verrnyeges Veltelini, Weisser Raifler, Weissholzige Ribula Maucnjk, and Ziegelroth.[3]

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