Ross Munro

Canadian Press war correspondent Ross Munro typing a story in the battle area between Valguarnera and Leonforte, Italy, August 1943

Robert Ross Munro, OBE, OC (September 6, 1913 - June 21, 1990) was the Canadian Press's lead war correspondent in Europe in World War II. He covered a Canadian raid in Spitsbergen, the 1942 raid on Dieppe, the Allied landings in Sicily, the Italian campaign, D-Day and the campaign in Northwestern Europe. His memoirs of the campaigns, published as From Gauntlet to Overlord, won the Governor General's Award for English-language non-fiction in 1945. He later covered the Korean War, and after retiring as a war correspondent became publisher of the Vancouver Daily Province, the Winnipeg Tribune, and the Edmonton Journal. Munro was appointed OBE in 1946 and OC in 1975.[1]


The Ross Munro Media Awards for Canadian military writing have been presented each year since 2002 by the Conference of Defence Associations, in concert with the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute as an award for providing exceptional media coverage of Canadian defence and security issues.[2] The "MUNRO AWARD" (2002) by André Gauthier is a statuette of Munro commissioned by the Conference of Defence Associations.