Rosenhøj (lit.: Rose-hill) is a public housing project in Viby J, a southern district of Aarhus, Denmark.

Rosenhøj is located in Aarhus
Coordinates: 56°06′53″N 10°08′51″E / 56.114840°N 10.147426°E / 56.114840; 10.147426
CountryKingdom of Denmark
Regions of DenmarkCentral Denmark Region
MunicipalityAarhus Municipality
Postal code

Rosenhøj consists of concrete apartment blocks, with a total of 808 rentals, built in 1967-70. The area underwent a thorough renovation in the years 2014-17, updating the buildings to contemporary climate regulations, and also adding 22 new rowhouse rentals and outdoor sports facilities among other improvements.[1]

In the 2000's, Rosenhøj has been increasingly attractive to immigrants. In 2001, 22% of the inhabitants where immigrants; in 2008 more than 52% where immigrants.[citation needed] Nearly all of the inhabitants under the age of 18 has an immigrant background[citation needed]. The majority of immigrants in Rosenhøj comes from Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey.


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Coordinates: 56°06′53″N 10°08′51″E / 56.114840°N 10.147426°E / 56.114840; 10.147426