Rosalind Amelia Young

Rosalind Amelia Young (13 August 1853 – 1 February 1924) was a historian from Pitcairn Islands.

Rosalind Amelia Young
Born(1853-08-13)August 13, 1853
Pitcairn Islands
DiedFebruary 1, 1924(1924-02-01) (aged 70)
Pitcairn Islands
Notable worksMutiny of the Bounty and Story of Pitcairn Island (1790–1894)
SpouseDavid Nield

Early lifeEdit

Young was born in 1853 on Pitcairn Island to Simon Young and Mary Buffett Christian. She was also the great-granddaughter of John Adams, one of the mutineers of HMS Bounty.[1]

As a young child she was part of a migration to Norfolk Island but returned in 1864.[1] Her father led the return of several families to the Pitcairn Islands and became magistrate in 1849.[citation needed]


From a young age she began recording the history of the Pitcairn Islands, specifically that of Elizabeth Mills, daughter of a Bounty mutineer.[2] She shared the history of the islands through letters, collecting historical information and personal stories.[1] She also began writing articles about the islands and worked as a primary schoolteacher.[citation needed]

In 1894 she published a comprehensive history of Pitcairn Islands in the book Mutiny of the Bounty and Story of Pitcairn Island (1790–1894). Since its original publication, the book has been reprinted several times.[3] The book is one of the few documentations of the islands' history and drew upon the direct experiences of several generations of islanders, including those of HMS Bounty.[1]

Young was also a poet and composed the words to several songs which are still played on Pitcairn Islands.[4][5]


In 2017, five stamps were created in her honour, as part of the 'Prominent Pitcairners' series, and were on sale from 22 February 2017 (for a period of two years).[1]

Personal lifeEdit

Young married Pastor David Nield, a New Zealander, on 27 November 1907 in Auckland, New Zealand.[1] She died on 1 February 1924 on Pitcairn Island.[citation needed]


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