Rorainópolis (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁoɾɐjˈnɔpuʎis]) is a municipality located in the southernmost point of the state of Roraima in Brazil. Its population is 30,782 (as of 2020) and its area is 33,594 km2. The municipality is crossed by the equator.

The Municipality of Rorainópolis
A street in Rorainópolis
A street in Rorainópolis
Flag of Rorainópolis
Official seal of Rorainópolis
Location of Rorainópolis in the State of Roraima
Location of Rorainópolis in the State of Roraima
Coordinates: 00°56′45″N 60°25′04″W / 0.94583°N 60.41778°W / 0.94583; -60.41778
Country Brazil
State Roraima
Founded17 October 1995
 • MayorLeandro Pereira da Silva (PSD)
 • Total33,594 km2 (12,971 sq mi)
98 m (322 ft)
 (2020 [1])
 • Total30,782
 • Density0.77/km2 (2.0/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−4 (AMT)
HDI (2000)0.676 – medium[2]



In the 1970s, the regional headquarters of INCRA were established in Rorainópolis along the BR-174 highway. INCRA started to distribute land which attracted settlers from all of Brazil.[3] In 1988, the name was changed from Vila do Incra to Rorainópolis.[4] In 1995, Rorainópolis became an independent municipality, and has become the second most populous of the state of Roraima.[3] The State University of Roraima [pt] operates a campus at Roraima.[5]



The Anauá National Forest is a 259,400 hectares (641,000 acres) national forest in Rorainópolis.[6] It is a protected area with sustainable use of natural resources established in 2005.[7] The Baixo Rio Branco-Jauaperi Extractive Reserve is a 581,173 hectares (1,436,110 acres) protected area which has a shared use agreement with Waimiri Atroari Indigenous Territory.[8] It has been established in 2018.[9]

The nature in Rorainópolis is under threat from palm oil plantations. Palmaplan has as of 2021, bought 30,000 hectares of land. The cattle ranchers are eager to sell their land, and deforest new areas.[10]




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