Ropecon (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈropekon]) is a role-playing convention held annually in Finland. The convention is one of the largest non-commercial annual events of its kind, having reached a record of "over 5900" attendees in 2022.[1] The current venue is the Messukeskus Helsinki convention centre in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

Playing Artemis at Ropecon.jpg
Gamers playing Artemis at Ropecon 2014
VenueMessukeskus Helsinki
Organized byRopecon Society

Ropecon hosts a wide variety of different types of games, including role-playing games, live action role-playing games, collectible card games, miniature wargames and strategy games. The event also has a range of lectures, panel discussions and other presentations covering different aspects of gaming. Past guests of honor have included several prominent game designers, such as Steve Jackson.

Ropecon is organised by the Ropecon Society, a joint venture of several Finnish role-playing associations. The practical arrangements are made by the unpaid members of an organising committee and hundreds of voluntary workers at the convention. Any profits are used to support various other role-playing activities.

The name "Ropecon" comes from the Finnish language word "roolipeli", meaning role-playing game, but is also a nod to the English language word "rope", a vital piece of equipment in classic dungeon crawl role-playing games.

The Finnish culture ministry supported Ropecon in 2013 with funding.[2]

The 2020 and 2021 conventions were turned into online events because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.[3]

List of RopeconsEdit

Year Venue Guests of honour
2022 Messukeskus Helsinki Avery Alder, Vlaada Chvátil
2021 Online
2020 Online
2019 Messukeskus Helsinki Lynne Hardy, Jon Hodgson
2018 Messukeskus Helsinki Alex Roberts
2017 Messukeskus Helsinki Monica Valentinelli, Anna Westerling
2016 Messukeskus Helsinki Claus Raasted, Ross Watson
2015 Dipoli, Espoo Michelle Nephew, Jason Morningstar
2014 Dipoli, Espoo Luke Crane, Jason Soles
2013 Dipoli Kevin Wilson, D. Vincent Baker
2012 Dipoli Peter Adkison, Larson Kasper
2011 Dipoli Frank Mentzer, Erik Mona[4]
2010 Dipoli Keith Baker, Friedemann Friese
2009 Dipoli L. Scott Johnson, Suzi Yee, Malik Hyltoft and Antti Malin
2008 Dipoli Greg Stolze, Chris Pramas and Peter S. Andreasen
2007 Dipoli Robin D. Laws, Emily Care Boss and Jakob Rune Nielsen
2006 Dipoli Kenneth Hite, Bruno Faidutti, Olle Jonsson and Tobias Wrigstad
2005 Dipoli Greg Stafford, Bill Bridges and Claus Raasted
2004 Dipoli John Kovalic, Erick Wujcik and Emma Wieslander
2003 Dipoli Jonathan Tweet, Ramon Laan and Martin Ericsson
2002 Dipoli Justin Achilli and Eirik Fatland
2001 Dipoli N. Robin Crossby and Tuomas Pirinen
2000 Dipoli Steve Jackson and Richard Dansky
1999 Dipoli Mike Pondsmith and Rick Priestley
1998 Dipoli Ray Greer and Mark Rosewater
1997 Paasitorni, Helsinki Greg Costikyan
1996 Paasitorni Tom Dowd and Andy Chambers
1995 Messukeskus Helsinki[5] Sandy Petersen
1994 Paasitorni Steve Jackson


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