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Rope is a length of fibers that are twisted or braided together

Wire rope, a length of metallic fibers twisted or braided together

Rope may also refer to:




  • Rope (play), a 1929 play by Patrick Hamilton
    • Rope (film), a 1948 film by Alfred Hitchcock based on the play
  • Roped, a 1919 silent film directed by John Ford and starring Harry Carey
  • Rope (1957 film), an Australian television film
  • Rope (1959 film), an Australian TV play
  • Rudens, a play by Roman author Plautus whose title is translated into English as The Rope


  • The Ropes, an indie rock band from New York
  • The Rope, a 1986 album by Black Tape for a Blue Girl
  • "Rope" (song), a single from Foo Fighters 2011 album Wasting Light

Persons with surname RopeEdit

  • Bryce Rope (1923–2013), New Zealand rugby union coach
  • Donald Rope (1929–2009), Canadian ice-hockey player
  • Ellen Mary Rope (1855–1934), English sculptor
  • John Rope (1855 or 1863–1944), White Mountain Apache clan leader and Apache scout
  • Margaret Agnes Rope (1882–1953), English stained glass artist (cousin of M E Aldrich Rope)
  • M. E. Aldrich Rope (1891–1988), English stained glass artist (cousin of Margaret Agnes Rope)

Other usesEdit