Ronde van Drenthe

Ronde van Drenthe (English: Tour of Drenthe) is an elite men's and women's professional road bicycle racing event held annually in the Drenthe, Netherlands and sanctioned by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union. Since 1998 there is also a women's event, known as Novilon Internationale Damesronde van Drenthe and since 2007 there is also a Ronde van Drenthe for women which was part of the UCI Women's Road World Cup until 2015. In 2016, the race became part of the new UCI Women's World Tour.

Ronde van Drenthe
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Race details
RegionDrenthe, Netherlands
English nameTour of Drenthe
Local name(s)Ronde van Drenthe
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeSingle day race
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First edition1960 (1960)
Editions57 (as of 2019)
First winner Jurrie Dokter (NED)
Most wins Henk Mutsaars (NED)
 Ron Snijders (NED)
 Allard Engels (NED)
 Anthony Theus (NED)
 Rudie Kemna (NED) (2 wins)
Most recent Pim Ligthart (NED)

Since 2005, the men's event is UCI 1.1 rated and is part of the UCI Europe Tour.

Men's past winnersEdit

Year Country Rider Team
1960   Netherlands Jurrie Dokter
1961   Netherlands Cees De Jongh
1962   Netherlands Bart Solaro
1963   Netherlands Jaak Mesters
1964   Netherlands Jan Fransen
1965   Netherlands Roel Hendriks
1966   Netherlands Peter Tesselaar
1967   Netherlands Leen De Groot
1968   Netherlands Jan van Katwijk
1969   Netherlands Ben Janbroers
1970   Netherlands Popke Oosterhof
1971   Netherlands Jules Bruessing
1972   Netherlands Hennie Kuiper
1973   Netherlands Gerrie van Gerwen
1974   Netherlands Co Hoogendoorn
1975   Netherlands Jimmy Kruunenburg
1976   Netherlands Wil van Helvoirt
1977   Netherlands Joop Ribbers
1978   Netherlands Henk Mutsaars
1979   Netherlands Wim de Waal
1980   Netherlands Henk Mutsaars
1981   Netherlands Ron Snijders
1982   Netherlands Hans Baudoin
1983   Netherlands Ron Snijders
1984   Netherlands Antoon van der Steen
1985   Netherlands Henk Boeve
1986   Netherlands Dick Dekker
1987   Netherlands Richard Luppes
1988   Netherlands Stephan Räkers
1989   Netherlands Eric Knuvers
1990   Netherlands Gerard Kemper
1991   Netherlands Allard Engels
1992   Netherlands Paul Konings
1993   Netherlands Allard Engels
1994   Netherlands Anthony Theus
1995   Netherlands Pascal Appeldoorn
1996   Netherlands Karsten Kroon
1997   Netherlands Anthony Theus
1998   Netherlands Remco van der Ven TVM–Farm Frites
1999   Netherlands Jans Koerts Team Cologne
2000   Belgium Andy de Smet Spar-OKI
2001 No race
2002   Netherlands Rudie Kemna BankGiroLoterij-Batavus
2003   Netherlands Rudie Kemna BankGiroLoterij
2004   Netherlands Erik Dekker Rabobank
2005   Germany Marcel Sieberg Team Lamonta
2006   Germany Markus Eichler Team Regiostrom-Senges
2007   Netherlands Martijn Maaskant Rabobank Continental Team
2008   Netherlands Coen Vermeltfoort Rabobank Continental Team
2009   Italy Maurizio Biondo Ceramica Flaminia–Bossini Docce
2010   Italy Alberto Ongarato Vacansoleil
2011   Netherlands Kenny Van Hummel Skil–Shimano
2012   Netherlands Bert-Jan Lindeman Vacansoleil–DCM
2013   Sweden Alexander Wetterhall NetApp–Endura
2014   Belgium Kenny Dehaes Lotto–Belisol
2015   Belgium Edward Theuns Topsport Vlaanderen–Baloise
2016   Netherlands Jesper Asselman Roompot–Oranje Peloton
2017   Netherlands Jan-Willem van Schip Delta Cycling Rotterdam
2018   Czech Republic František Sisr CCC–Sprandi–Polkowice
2019   Netherlands Pim Ligthart Direct Énergie
2020 No race

Women's past winnersEdit

Novilon Damesronde van DrentheEdit

In September 2015 it was announced that the race would not continue in 2016.[1] The name of the race had over the years different names

  • 2004-2007: Novilon Internationale Damesronde van Drenthe
  • 2008-2011: Novilon Eurocup Ronde van Drenthe
  • 2012: Novilon Euregio Cup
  • 2014–2015: Novilon EDR Cup
Year First Second Third
1998   Viola Paulitz-Müller   Vanja Vonckx   Arenda Grimberg
1999   Leontien van Moorsel   Mirjam Melchers   Catherine Marsal
2000   Madeleine Lindberg   Marielle van Scheppingen-Romme   Ceris Gilfillan
2002   Leontien van Moorsel   Chantal Beltman   Tanja Hennes
2003   Mirjam Melchers   Ghita Beltman   Rachel Heal
2004   Sissy van Alebeek   Kirsten Wild   Sharon van Essen
2005   Suzanne de Goede   Linda Villumsen   Judith Arndt
2006   Loes Markerink   Trixi Worrack   Kirsten Wild
2007   Giorgia Bronzini   Marianne Vos   Ina-Yoko Teutenberg
2008   Kristin Armstrong   Regina Bruins   Kirsten Wild
2009   Marianne Vos   Trixi Worrack   Emma Johansson
2010   Annemiek van Vleuten   Ina-Yoko Teutenberg   Kirsten Wild
2011   Suzanne de Goede   Marlen Joehrend   Natalie van Gogh
2012   Marianne Vos   Marta Bastianelli   Lizzie Armitstead
2013 Not held
2014   Kirsten Wild   Shelley Olds   Emma Johansson
2015   Kirsten Wild   Chloe Hosking   Christine Majerus

Drentse 8 van Dwingeloo / Acht van WesterveldEdit

Year First Second Third
2007   Regina Schleiger   Marianne Vos   Ina-Yoko Teutenberg
2008   Ina-Yoko Teutenberg   Regina Schleiger   Rochelle Gilmore
2009   Ina-Yoko Teutenberg   Regina Schleiger   Kirsten Wild
2010   Ina-Yoko Teutenberg   Emma Johansson   Annemiek van Vleuten
2011   Marianne Vos   Shelley Olds   Emma Johansson
2012   Chloe Hosking   Giorgia Bronzini   Marianne Vos
2013   Marianne Vos   Giorgia Bronzini   Emma Johansson
2014   Chantal Blaak   Lucy Garner   Lizzie Armitstead
2015   Giorgia Bronzini   Valentina Scandolara   Annemiek van Vleuten
2016   Leah Kirchmann   Christine Majerus   Anouska Koster
2017   Chloe Hosking   Lotte Kopecky   Amalie Dideriksen
2018   Alexis Ryan   Jolien D'Hoore   Chloe Hosking
2019   Audrey Cordon-Ragot   Amy Pieters   Marta Bastianelli

Ronde van DrentheEdit

The Ronde van Drenthe is held in a flat part of the Netherlands but the course does have one main difficulty - the 'VAM-berg'. The hill is a man-made berg, the result of a landfill, and the route up this 750m long ascent is narrow and kicks up to over 20% grade. The women hit the VAM-berg three times, and for extra fun will have sprint bonuses at the top. To make the flat route even more challenging, the course has several intermediate sprints and a few cobbled sectors.

Year First Second Third
2007   Adrie Visser   Élodie Touffet   Marianne Vos
2008   Chantal Beltman   Marianne Vos   Ina-Yoko Teutenberg
2009   Emma Johansson   Loes Gunnewijk   Chantal Blaak
2010   Loes Gunnewijk   Annemiek van Vleuten   Giorgia Bronzini
2011   Marianne Vos   Kirsten Wild   Giorgia Bronzini
2012   Marianne Vos   Kirsten Wild   Emma Johansson
2013   Marianne Vos   Ellen van Dijk   Emma Johansson
2014   Lizzie Armitstead   Anna van der Breggen   Shelley Olds
2015   Jolien D'Hoore   Amy Pieters   Ellen van Dijk
2016   Chantal Blaak   Gracie Elvin   Trixi Worrack
2017   Amalie Dideriksen   Elena Cecchini   Lucinda Brand
2018   Amy Pieters   Alexis Ryan   Chloe Hosking
2019   Marta Bastianelli   Chantal Blaak   Ellen van Dijk


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