Ronald 'Ron' Tree (born 8 April 1963 in Leeds) is an English musician and song writer, best known as frontman and bassist for the English space rock band Hawkwind from 1995 to 2002. He also played both these roles in the reunited Steve Took's Horns in 2002, taking the place of Steve Peregrin Took. He is currently vocalist/songwriter in the "Hawklords" alongside Jerry Richards, Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Pearce and Tom Ashurst.


Prior to joining Hawkwind, Tree played with "2000DS", "Plato's Jacuzzi", "Captain Jesus and the Sunray Dream" (who released two limited-edition "private press" LP's), and his own band "Bastard". He contributed vocals and bass to "Bajina" in 2000, with Dino Ferari (drums) and Judge Trev Thoms (lead guitar), and, also with Ferari and Judge Trev, recorded two new tracks for the Steve Took's Horns album Blow It!!!, the main body of which was recorded in 1977 at Pathway Studios, London, by Took with Trev and Ferari; that album was released 10 August 2004. After these musical excursions he contributed vocals and bass for Trev (lead guitar & vocals), Jim Hawkman (synthesizer), and John Morgan (drums) with "Mother Of All Bands" (M.O.A.B.). Since then, amongst other various musical projects he has played with Leeds-based band "The Sewer Suckers" who supported bands such as "My Older Ego" in his home town... His current band, Hawklords have annually released an album in each of the last six years, namely; 'We Are One' (2012), 'Dream' (2013), 'Censored' (2014), 'Re:volution'(2015), 'Fusion' (2016) and 'Six' (2017).

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