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Ronald Lindsay André "Ron" Langevin (born September 28, 1940) is a Canadian forensic psychologist at the University of Toronto. He is the founding editor of Annals of Sex Research, now titled Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment.[1]


Life and careerEdit

Langevin was born in Montreal and earned a Ph.D. in psychology from University of Toronto in 1970. He wrote materials for the Canadian Council for Research in Education before taking a position at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, where he worked with Kurt Freund.[citation needed]

Langevin argued against the effectiveness of reparative therapy in 1985.[2] He served as an expert witness in a sexual abuse trial in 1989.[3] In 1989 also, Langevin published findings suggesting a correlation between sex offenders and traumatic brain injury, though he suggested caution in the use of the findings, as half his subjects were alcohol abusers.[4]

He is director of Juniper Associates Psychological Services and is an Associate Professor in the Law & Mental Health program at University of Toronto. He has also published materials through Juniper Press. Langevin is a charter member of the International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders (IATSO).[5]

Selected bibliographyEdit

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