Romania at the 1952 Winter Olympics

Romania competed at the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway.

Romania at the
1952 Winter Olympics
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NOCRomanian Olympic and Sports Committee (in Romanian, English, and French)
in Oslo
Competitors16 (men) in 3 sports
Winter Olympics appearances (overview)

Alpine skiingEdit

Athlete Event Race 1 Race 2 Total
Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank
Radu Scîrneci Downhill DSQ
Ion Caşa 3:26.4 59
Dumitru Sulică 3:07.3 51
Mihai Bîră 2:54.4 35
Ștefan Ghiță Giant Slalom 3:06.7 64
Dumitru Sulică 3:01.7 59
Radu Scîrneci 3:00.1 54
Mihai Bîră 2:53.0 45
Andrei Kovacs Slalom 1:31.0 77 Did not advance
Ștefan Ghiță 1:17.6 59 Did not advance
Ion Coliban 1:16.6 57 Did not advance
Mihai Bîră 1:09.5 42 Did not advance

Cross-country skiingEdit

Event Athlete Race
Time Rank
18 km Cornel Nicolae Crăciun 1'17:11 68
Florea Lepădatu 1'15:42 63
Moise Crăciun 1'14:41 61
Constantin Enache 1'11:00 39
50 km Ion Hebedeanu 4'47:58 32
Dumitru Frăţilă 4'30:13 24
Ion Sumedrea 4'24:45 23
Gheorghe Olteanu 4'23:08 22
Men's 4 × 10 km relay
Athletes Race
Time Rank
Moise Crăciun
Manole Aldescu
Dumitru Frăţilă
Constantin Enache
2'38:23 10

Nordic combinedEdit


  • 18 km cross-country skiing
  • normal hill ski jumping

The cross-country skiing part of this event was combined with the main medal event, meaning that athletes competing here were skiing for two disciplines at the same time. Details can be found above in this article, in the cross-country skiing section.

The ski jumping (normal hill) event was held separate from the main medal event of ski jumping, results can be found in the table below (athletes were allowed to perform three jumps, the best two jumps were counted and are shown here).

Athlete Event Cross-country Ski Jumping Total
Points Rank Distance 1 Distance 2 Points Rank Points Rank
Cornel Nicolae Crăciun Individual 186.121 20 56.5 59.5 190.5 16 376.621 19


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