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Roman Empire (TV series)

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Roman Empire is an American/Canadian docuseries based on historical events of the Roman Empire. The series comprises two miniseries:

Roman Empire
Roman Empire- Reign of Blood.png
Genre Drama
Based on Roman Empire
Directed by Richard Lopez
Starring Sean Bean
Aaron Jakubenko
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 11
Cinematography Milton Kam
Distributor Netflix
Original network Netflix
Original release November 11, 2016 (2016-11-11)
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Season One: "Reign of Blood" is a six-part story of Commodus.[1] Jeremiah Murphy and Peter Sherman collaborated on writing the miniseries, with Richard Lopez directing. It premiered on Netflix on November 11, 2016.[2] Season Two: "Master of Rome" is a five-part story of the rise of Julius Caesar and the fall of the Roman Republic.[3] It premiered on July 27, 2018.

The series was produced by Netflix as a "Netflix Original" series.


Historical people and eventsEdit

"Reign of Blood"

  • Commodus was Roman Emperor from 180 to 192. He also ruled as co-emperor with his father Marcus Aurelius from 177 until his father's death in 180.
  • Marcus Aurelius was Roman Emperor from 161 to 180. He ruled with Lucius Verus as co-emperor from 161 until Verus' death in 169. Marcus Aurelius was the last of the so-called Five Good Emperors. He was a practitioner of Stoicism, and his Greek-language writing, commonly known as the Meditations, is the most significant source of the modern understanding of ancient Stoic philosophy.
  • Faustina the Younger was a daughter of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius. She was a Roman Empress and wife to her maternal cousin Marcus Aurelius. Though Roman sources give a generally negative view of her character, she was held in high esteem by soldiers and her own husband and was given divine honors after her death.
  • Lucilla was the second daughter and third child of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and an elder sister to future Roman Emperor Commodus.
  • Avidius Cassius was a Roman general and usurper who briefly ruled Egypt and Syria in 175.

"Master of Rome"



Season One: Reign of Blood (all airing on November 11, 2016)

Ep 1: "Born in the Purple"

Ep 2: "The Making of an Emperor"

Ep 3: "Enemy of the Senate"

Ep 4: "Rome is Burning"

Ep 5: "Fight for Glory"

Ep 6: "14 Days of Blood"

Season Two: Master of Rome (all airing on July 27, 2018)

Ep 1: The Triumvirate

Ep 2: The Great Conqueror

Ep 3: Crossing the Rubicon

Ep 4: Queen of the Nile

Ep 5: The Ides of March

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