Catholic Church in Ecuador

The Catholic Church in Ecuador comprises only a Latin hierarchy, united in a national episcopal conference, which comprises:

The Metropolitan Archbishopric of Quito is the Primatial see of Ecuador.[2]

There is an Apostolic Nunciature as papal diplomatic representation (embassy level), in national capital Quito.

There are no Eastern Catholic jurisdictions and no titular sees. All defunct jurisdictions have current successor sees.

Current Latin seesEdit

Map of the ecclesiastical jurisdictions of the Catholic Church in Ecuador.

The boundaries of the 24 administrative provinces of Ecuador mostly coincide with the boundaries of most territorial ecclesiastical jurisdictions.

Exempt jurisdictionsEdit

These are directly dependent on the Holy See.

Military OrdinariateEdit

Apostolic VicariatesEdit

Ecclesiastical province of QuitoEdit

Ecclesiastical province of CuencaEdit

Ecclesiastical province of GuayaquilEdit

Ecclesiastical province of PortoviejoEdit


Accoriding to recent statistics, Catholics make up 77% of the population of Ecuador.[3]

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