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Roman Catholic Diocese of Osma-Soria

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Osma-Soria (Latin: Oxomen(sis)–Sorian(a)) is a suffragan Latin diocese in the Ecclesiastical province of Burgos, Soria Province, in the Castilla y Leon region of northern Spain.[1][2] Its cathedral episcopal see is Catedral de Santa María de la Asunción, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, in El Burgo de Osma. It also has a co-cathedral, Concatedral de San Pedro, dedicated to St. Peter, in Soria, and a minor basilica: Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Miagros Miagros, in Ágreda, Soria, Castile and León, Spain.

Diocese of Osma-Soria

Dioecesis Oxomensis-Soriana

Diócesis de Osma-Soria
Catedral del Burgo de Osma (Soria), Castilla, España.jpg
Ecclesiastical provinceBurgos
Area10,328 km2 (3,988 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
76,900 (80.4%)
RiteLatin Rite
CathedralCathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady in Burgo de Osma
Co-cathedralCo-Cathedral of St Peter in Soria
Current leadership
BishopAbilio Martínez Varea
Metropolitan ArchbishopFrancisco Gil Hellín
Website of the Diocese


  • Established circa 600 as Diocese of Osma
  • Lost territory in 1077 to the Diocese of Nájera
  • Renamed on 9 March 1959 as Diocese of Osma-Soria, as Soria gets a co-cathedral


Catedral de Santa María de la Asunción and city walls

As per 2014, it pastorally served 80,000 Catholics (85.8% of 93,291 total) on 10,287 km² in 542 parishes and 19 missions with 128 priests (103 diocesan, 25 religious), 212 lay religious (38 brothers, 174 sisters) and 1 seminarian.

Episcopal ordinariesEdit

(all Latin Rite)

very incomplete : lacking first centuries
Suffragan Bishops of Osma
Suffragan Bishops of Osma-Soria=

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