Roman Catholic Diocese of Borongan

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Borongan (Lat: Dioecesis Boronganensis) is a Roman Rite diocese of the Latin Church of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

Diocese of Borongan

Dioecesis Boronganensis

Diyosesis han Borongan
Interior of Borongan Cathedral, Eastern Samar.jpg
The Interior of the Borongan Cathedral
Country Philippines
TerritoryEastern Samar
Ecclesiastical provincePalo
Area4,339 km2 (1,675 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2012)
465,000 (93.8%)
DenominationRoman Catholic
Sui iuris churchLatin Church
RiteRoman Rite
Established22 October 1960
CathedralCathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Borongan
Current leadership
BishopCrispin Barrete Varquez
Metropolitan ArchbishopJohn F. Du
Vicar GeneralLope C. Robredillo
Episcopal VicarsDan Gañas
Leroy Geli
Joberto Picardal
Website of the Diocese

Erected in 1960, from territory in the Diocese of Calbayog, the diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Palo.

The Diocese of Borongan was created on October 22, 1960 by Saint Pope John XXIII. Bishop Vicente Reyes was the first diocesan bishop of Borongan. On June 19, 1965, the island of Samar was politically divided and the province of Eastern Samar was born thus the island of Samar has three dioceses: Calbayog for Western Samar, Catarman for Northern Samar and Borongan for Eastern Samar.

Eastern Samar has a population of 374,255, 97 percent are Catholics. It is subdivided into 1 city and 22 municipalities. It has a land area of 4,470.75 square kilometers. It is bounded on the north by Northern Samar, on the east by the Philippines Sea, on the west by Western Samar and on the south by Leyte Gulf. The Diocese of Borongan is divided into three regions, each has two vicariates. Borongan is the seat of the episcopal see.

The diocese has experienced no jurisdictional changes.

The current bishop is Crispin Barrete Varquez, appointed in 2007.


No. Picture Name From Until
1st Most Rev. Vicente P. Reyes, D.D. † 19 January 1961 (Appointed) 8 August 1967 (Appointed, Bishop of Cabanatuan)
2nd Most Rev. Godofredo Pedernal Pisig, D.D. † 26 February 1968 (Appointed) 18 September 1976 (Resigned)
3rd Most Rev. Sincero Barcenilla Lucero, D.D † 8 March 1977 (Appointed) 10 December 1979 (Appointed, Bishop of Calbayog)
4th Most Rev. Nestor Celestial Cariño, D.D 12 August 1980 (Appointed) 31 January 1986 (Resigned)
5th   Most Rev. Leonardo Yuzon Medroso, D.D 18 December 1980 (Appointed) 31 January 2006 (Appointed, Bishop of Tagbilaran)
6th Most Rev. Crispin Barrete Varquez, D.D 4 August 2007 (Appointed) Present

Vicariates and ParishesEdit

Here are the churches and chapels from the Diocese in Eastern Samar.

Vicariate of the Central RegionEdit

  • The Cathedral Parish of the Nativity of Our Lady (Founded: Pre-1768) - Borongan, Eastern Samar
  • Assumption of Our Lady Parish (Founded: June 29, 1964) - Lalawigan, Borongan, Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish (Founded: July 16, 2005) - Maypangdan, Borongan, Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish (Founded: 2015) - Sabang South, Borongan, Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Parish (Founded: April 29, 1887) - San Julian (formerly Libas, Nonoc), Eastern Samar
  • San Roque Parish (Founded: November 18, 1956) - Maydolong, Eastern Samar
  • Saint Bonaventure Parish (Founded: September 8, 1961) - Balangkayan (formerly San Buenaventura), Eastern Samar
  • Saint Anthony of Padua Parish (Founded: May 14, 1851) - Llorente (formerly Lanang), Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Parish (Founded: January 4, 1864) - Hernani (formerly Nag-as), Eastern Samar
  • Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary Parish (Founded: November 30, 1948) - General MacArthur (formerly Pambujan Sur), Eastern Samar

Vicariate of the Southern RegionEdit

Saint Anthony of Padua Parish Church, Guiuan
  • Saint Anthony of Padua Parish (Founded: January 6, 1957) - Sulangan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
  • Saint John the Baptist Parish (Founded: April 24, 1979) - Casuguran, Homonhon Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Parish (Founded: March 5, 1999) - Buenavista, Manicani Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
  • Holy Cross Parish (Founded: September 14, 2004) - Sapao, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
  • San Isidro de Labrador Parish (Founded: December 5, 1862) - Salcedo (formerly San Isidro de Sudao), Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of Salvation Parish (Founded: March 5, 2006) - Buabua, Salcedo, Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Founded: August 21, 1959) - Matarinao, Salcedo, Eastern Samar
  • Saint Francis of Assisi Parish (Founded: October 25, 1894; Re-erected: February 22, 1964) - Mercedes, Eastern Samar
  • Saint Lawrence the Martyr Parish (Founded: April 1, 1854) - Balangiga, Eastern Samar
  • Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Parish (Founded: October 25, 1894) - Quinapondan, Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of Remedies Parish (Founded: December 5, 1955) - Giporlos, Eastern Samar
  • Santo Niño Parish (Founded: September 8, 1961) - Lawaan, Eastern Samar

Vicariate of the Northern RegionEdit

  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola Parish (Founded: Pre-1768) - Sulat, Eastern Samar
  • Saint James the Greater Parish (Founded: Pre-1768) - Taft (formerly Tubig), Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady Queen of Angels Parish (Founded: July 10, 1956) - Can-avid (formerly Maria Angeles), Eastern Samar
  • Saint Joachim the Patriarch Parish (Founded: April 20, 1878) - Dolores (formerly Bacod, Jubasan, Paric), Eastern Samar
  • Saint Isidore the Laborer Parish (Founded: December 8, 1982) - Maslog, Eastern Samar
  • San Juan Bautista Parish (Founded: September 2012) - Hinolaso, Dolores, Eastern Samar
  • Saint Peter of Alcantara Parish (Founded: August 31, 1863) - Oras, Eastern Samar
  • Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (Founded: November 5, 1957) - Jipapad, Eastern Samar
  • Saint Mary Magdalene Parish (Founded: December 26, 1959) - San Policarpo (formerly Bunga), Eastern Samar
  • Saint Raymund Nonnatus Parish (Founded: October 1, 1955) - Arteche (formerly San Ramon), Eastern Samar


There are two Seminaries under the Diocese of Borongan, which both can be located in Borongan, Eastern Samar.

  • Seminario de Jesus Nazareno (SJN) (Minor) founded in 1965
    • Address: Campesao, Borongan City, 6800 Eastern Samar
  • Nativity of Our Lady College Seminary (NLCS) (Major) founded in 1996
    • Address: Baybay Blvd., Borongan City, 6800 Eastern Samar

Religious Congregations and OrganizationsEdit

Religious MenEdit

Religious WomenEdit

  • Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM)
    • Holy Cross Academy (1950), Oras, Eastern Samar
    • St. Mary's College (2001) (Formerly St. Joseph's College: 1947), Borongan City, Eastern Samar
    • Minsac - Llorente - Borongan (2002), Barangay 1, Llorente, Eastern Samar
    • Our Lady of Fatima Academy (1949), Gen. MacArthur, Eastern Samar
    • St. Mary's Academy (2000), (Formerly Assumption Academy: 1941), Guiuan, Eastern Samar
  • Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart (MSH)
    • MSH Sisters Academy, Borongan City, Eastern Samar
    • MSH Sisters Academy, Balangiga, Eastern Samar
    • MSH Sisters Loyola Academy, Sulat, Eastern Samar
    • MSH Sisters School, Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Philippines
  • Sisters Servants of the Visitation (SSV)
    • Community Mission House "Ain Karim Home for the Poor, Sick & Malnourished Children, Mission Foundation Inc.", Brgy. Bato, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines
  • Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart (SFSC)
    • "Perfetta Letizia" Children's Home, Brgy. Bugas, Borongan, Eastern Samar
    • Mater Divinae Gratiae College, Camp Picardo Airport, Dolores, Eastern Samar
  • Sisters of the Poor Household of God [Oikos Ptochos Theou] (OPT)
    • Oikos Mission House, McGuire Street, Borongan City, Eastern Samar
    • Oikos Mission House, Brgy. Hindang, Borongan, Eastern Samar
  • Sisters of the Presentation of Mary (PM)
    • Mother Rivier Retreat Center, Brgy. Camada, Maydolong, Eastern Samar, Philippines
    • Campus Ministry Office, Eastern Samar State University-Main, Brgy. Maypangdan, Borongan, Eastern Samar
  • Living the Gospel Community (LGC)
    • Saint Louis Marie de Montfort Community, 2nd Floor Bishop's Residence, Borongan City, Eastern Samar
  • Order of Saint Clare or Poor Clares (OSC) (Contemplative)
    • Divine Mercy Monastery, Brgy. Camada, Maydolong, Eastern Samar
  • Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd or Pastorelle Sisters (SJBP)
    • Good Shepherd House, Major Seminary Compound, Baybay Blvd., Borongan City, Eastern Samar
  • Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM)
    • FMM Mission-Station, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Mercedes, Eastern Samar
  • Little Daughters of Mary Immaculate (LDMI) (Semi-Contemplative)
    • Lourdes House, Brgy. Alangalang, Borongan City, Eastern Samar

Faith CommunitiesEdit

Diocesan Events and NewsEdit

Beatification LaunchEdit

In the 8th of December 1995, the Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception, Guiuan formally launched a beatification movement for Msgr. Donato Guimbaolibot, coinciding with the town fiesta and the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the town's Christian evangelization to the Vatican Council.[1]

Publicity about the movement, which was reported by several Manila newspapers, continues to raise eyebrows, more so among many people who associated Guimbaolibot with the killing of American soldiers by native bolo fighters in Balangiga, and not with the priest who suffered because of an erroneous suspicion by the Americans. Despite no formal diocesan opening of Guimbaolibot's cause, he is still recently being revered by many as a "Servant of God".

Fatima and the Typhoon HaiyanEdit

In the year of 2013, the super typhoon Yolanda was about to struck its disaster upon the Eastern Samar provinces. In that same day in November 8, was the visitation of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Portugal. While the miraculous statue of Mary was on way, the typhoon landed on the grounds. Exactly coming together with a typhoon, the statue was given to the Diocese of Borongan in order to help people continue the devotion to the rosary. But before the statue came, miracles began just to save the miraculous image. Here are some accounts given by some testimonies about the blessed virgin.

At the Cathedral of Our Lady of Nativity, the guard was aware about a lady with an umbrella. She was walking, while the winds were blowing hard. She was warned by the guard, but she wouldn't budge, but only to come in and out of the church. In this time of event was early in the morning. As the wind blew, that no houses could ever be seen, a lady holding an umbrella was praying towards the shores, they have said that the lady was Mary going to stop the storm.

Another was that the people, point out that there was a lady wearing a white dress in the shores of the Borongan City. She was dancing in the rain and in the waves, making herself soaking wet and making the storm surge stop flowing to the villages. Some people say also that the lady was Mary, making the huge wave stop from devastating homes. The Church recognizes this miracle, for they have discovered that the lady was Mary, protecting her church in Borongan, and she also stopped the huge storm surge for her image from Fatima, Portugal was visiting the Cathedral. In Tacloban, a professor was petitioning the event to the Vatican that this may be considered as a miracle.

Pilgrimage Relics of Saint AnthonyEdit

For the second time, the first class relics of Saint Anthony of Padua visited again the Philippines starting on April 20, 2016 up to May 2, 2016. And fortunately, several churches from the Diocese of Borongan were chosen among the routes where the Relics of the Great Saint would stand by for a moment giving an opportunity to his devotees for veneration. The first class relics are solely from Padua, Italy, and is said to be a piece of the Saint's skin from his face while the other is a fragment of his rib.

Starting on April 25, 2016, the first class relics from the Archdiocese of Palo where delivered privately and solemnly to the well-known Pilgrimage church which bears the Saint's name in Sulangan, Guiuan. Hundreds of devotees came to pay respect to the heavenly remains of their beloved patron, and a mass was made which was presided over by the Most Rev. Crispin Barrete Varquez. The next day, April 26, 2016 at morning, it was then delivered to the Saint Anthony of Padua Parish in Llorente, Eastern Samar, and in the afternoon, it was then moved to the Franciscan Friary in Dolores, Eastern Samar to be acquainted with fellow Franciscan brothers. The visit ended on May 2, 2016 at the Saint Ezekiel Moreno Oratory within the Diocese of Parañaque.

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