Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ohrid

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ohrid (also Archdiocese of Achrida, Archdiocese of Ochrida or Archdiocese of Acrida, Latin: Achridanus seu Ochridanus) was a Latin Catholic archdiocese, suppressed in the 1700s,[1][2] and is now a titular see, at modern Ohrid in North Macedonia.[3]


Ancient Achrida, in the Roman province of Epirus Novus, was the capital of the Metropolitan Archbishopric of Ohrid, which became Orthodox.

Among its suffragans was the Diocese of Bela and the Diocese of Tzernicus (in Epirus).

In 1300 or 1320,[2] a new Latin Catholic archdiocese was founded. It was suppressed in 1700,[2] but would have two Catholic successor titular archbishoprics.

Episcopal ordinariesEdit

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Residential Metropolitan Archbishops of Ohrid

Titular Metropolitan ArchbishopricsEdit

Latin Titular seeEdit

At its suppression in 1700, the former Latin residential archdiocese became a Latin Catholic titular archbishopric of the highest (Metropolitan) rank.

It is vacant, having had the following incumbents, all of the fitting archiepiscopal rank (and Latin, except the first) :

Armenian Titular seeEdit

In 1911, an Armenian Catholic (Armenian Rite in Armenian language) Metropolitan titular archbishopric was also established.

It was suppressed in 1928, having had only one incumbent :

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