Roller Hockey Premier League

The Premier League is the main competition in England Roller Hockey. It has a long history, and it has existed since 1930. It has some of the most historic European teams like Herne Bay and Herne Bay United. The top teams usually compete in European Club Competitions like European League or Cers Cup now organised by World Skate Europe - Rink Hockey.

Roller Hockey Premier League
SportRoller Hockey
No. of teams9
Country England
Most recent
King's Lynn
Official websiteNational Rink Hockey Association

Participating Teams: 2019 - 2020 SeasonEdit

The clubs that are competing in the 2019 - 2020 Season are: Ely and Chesterton United, Grimsby, Herne Bay, King's Lynn, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Peterborough and Soham. The top tier of English rink hockey is the Premier League consisting of 9 teams playing single match home/away format hockey.[1]

History of the Premier LeagueEdit

Edition Champion
2018 -2019 King's Lynn
2019 - 2020 -
2020 - 2021 -

Number of Championships by TeamEdit

Team Championships
Herne Bay United 16
Southsea 12
Middlesbrough RHC 5
King's Lynn 4
Wolverhampton 3
Grimsby 2
Bury St Edmunds 1
Folkestone 1
Letchworth 1

National CupEdit

The National Cup is the second main competition of Roller Hockey in England and is played by all the English clubs.

Number of English Cups by TeamEdit

Team Cups
Herne Bay 32
Herne Bay United 14
Southsea 13
Wolverhampton 5
Middlesbrough RHC 5
Folkstone 4
Maidstone 3
Bury St Edmunds 2
Rochester 2
Great Harwood 2
Grimsby 2
Letchworth 1
Alexandra Palace 1
Birchpark 1
King's Lynn 1
Soham 1

National Division 1Edit

The second tier of English rink hockey is National Division 1. It is played on a tournament basis where teams play twice a tournament, with a total of 10 games in the season. In 2018-19 ECU won the right to move up to the National Premier League, with Herne Bay also making the move up. The clubs that are competing in the National Division 1 2019 - 2020 Season are: Cambridge and Cottenham RHC, Ely & Chesterton Inited RHC, Farnham RHC, Letchworth RHC, RHC Invicta and Spen Valley Flyers RHC.[2]

The RegionsEdit

The next tier of the England Roller Hockey league is split into divisions based in each of the 3 regions. Teams in these divisions play tournaments with points going to their league position.

Northern CountiesEdit

List of clubsEdit

Grimsby RHC, Halifax RHC, Manchester RSC, Middlesbrough, Plymouth RHC, Sheffield Wildcats RH & RSC, Spectrum Spartans RHC and Spen Valley RHC.[3]

Eastern CountiesEdit

List of clubsEdit

Cambridge and Cottenham RHC, Colchester RHC, Ely and Chesterton United RHC, King's Lynn RHC, Letchworth RHC, Norwich City RHC, Peterborough RHC, Skaters RHC, Soham.[4]

South Eastern CountiesEdit

List of clubsEdit

Farnham RHC, Herne Bay RHC, Herne Bay United RH&SC, London RHC, Maidstone RHC, RHC Invicta.[5]


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