Roll-on/roll-off discharge facility

The ramp of the USNS Bobo connects the ship to a roll-on/roll-off discharge facility

A roll-on/roll-off discharge facility (RRDF) is a floating platform that provides a roadway between a ship's ramp and lighterage. It is constructed by connecting multiple causeway sections.

Ports equipped with roll-on/roll-off wharfs include:

City/Port Country Continent Port Code
Antwerp/Port of Antwerp Belgium Europe BEANT
Zeebruges/Port of Zeebrugge Belgium Europe BEZEE
Aarhus/Port of Aarhus Denmark Europe DKAAR
Bremerhaven/Port of Bremerhaven Germany Europe DEBRV
Copenhagen/Port of Copenhagen Denmark Europe DKCOP
Esbjerg/Port of Esbjerg Denmark Europe DKEBJ
Gothenburg/Port of Gothenburg Sweden Europe SEGOT
Kotka/Port of Kotka Finland Europe FIKTK
Le Havre/Port of Le Havre France Europe FRLEH
Oslo/Port of Oslo Norway Europe NOOSL
Rotterdam/Port of Rotterdam Netherlands Europe NLRTM
London/London Thamesport (LTP) UK Europe GBRCS
Brisbane/Port of Brisbane Australia Oceania AUBSA
Melbourne/Port of Melbourne Australia Oceania AUMLB
Sydney/Port Jackson Australia Oceania AUSYD
Adelaide/Port of Adelaide Australia Oceania AUADL
Fremantle/Fremantle Harbour Australia Oceania AUFRE
Auckland/Ports of Auckland New Zealand Oceania NZAKL
Tauranga/Port of Tauranga New Zealand Oceania NZTRG
Palmerston/Port of Palmerston New Zealand Oceania NZPMS
New Plymouth/Port Taranaki New Zealand Oceania NZNPL
Nelson/Port Nelson New Zealand Oceania NZNON
Christchurch/Port of Christchurch New Zealand Oceania NZCHC
Dunedin/Otago Harbour New Zealand Oceania NZDNB
Timaru/PrimePort Timaru New Zealand Oceania NZTIU
Invercargill/Port Invercargill New Zealand Oceania NZIVC
Wellington/Wellington Harbour New Zealand Oceania NZWGN
Dubai/Port Rashid U.A.E Asia AEDXB
Jeddah/Jeddah Seaport Saudi Arabia Asia SAJED

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