Rolfe Photoplays

Rolfe Photoplays Inc. was an American motion picture production company established by musical entertainer B.A. Rolfe. Although the company filmed in California, its productions were primarily filmed on the East Coast, usually in and around Fort Lee, New Jersey. Its films were distributed through an agreement with Louis B. Mayer's Metro Pictures Corporation.

B.A. Rolfe's "Houdini Serial", 1919
Silent movie The Master Mystery (1919). Running time: 09:39. Episode of a serial in fifteen episodes with magician and escape artist Houdini in the lead.

Between 1915 and 1918, B.A. Rolfe used Rolfe Photoplays Inc. to produce forty-nine silent films, several of which were collaborations with director/screenwriter Oscar A.C. Lund including the 1916 drama "Dorian's Divorce" starring Lionel Barrymore. As well, he used the corporate name "B.A. Rolfe Photoplayers Inc." and "B.A. Rolfe Productions" to produce another three films including the 1919 fifteen-part mystery serial The Master Mystery starring Harry Houdini.

Maxwell Karger was an executive at the studio.[1]

By 1920, the B.A. Rolfe production companies ceased operating.


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