Roland Maywald

Roland Maywald (born 1948) is a former German badminton player who won numerous (West) German national and other European titles from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s. Though he won the German national singles title in 1974, Maywald was primarily a doubles specialist. He was particularly successful internationally in men's doubles with Willi Braun, whose fast forecourt racket complemented Maywald's steady all-court play. Braun and Maywald won the biennial European Championships consecutively in 1972 and 1974.[1] They were thrice semifinalists at the prestigious All-England Championships (1971,1975 and 1976)[2][3][4] and won the U.S. Open men's doubles in 1976.[5] Maywald also shared a number of mixed doubles titles in Europe with various partners. In 1975 he reached the final of mixed doubles at the All-England's with Brigitte Steden.[citation needed]


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