Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers (六花の勇者, Rokka no Yūsha, lit. "Heroes of the Six Flowers") is a Japanese light novel series written by Ishio Yamagata, with illustrations by Miyagi. Shueisha has published six volumes since August 2011. A manga adaptation by Kei Toru began serialization in Shueisha's Super Dash & Go! magazine in February 2012. Both the light novels and their manga adaptation are licensed in North America by Yen Press. An anime television series produced by Passione and directed by Takeo Takahashi aired in Japan from July 4 to September 19, 2015.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
Rokka no Yūsha light novel volume 1 cover.jpg
First light novel volume cover featuring Fremy Speeddraw
(Rokka no Yūsha)
GenreAction, Fantasy, Mystery
Light novel
Written byIshio Yamagata
Illustrated byMiyagi
Published byShueisha
English publisher
ImprintSuper Dash Bunko
Dash X Bunko
Original runAugust 25, 2011 – present
Volumes6 + 1 spin-off (List of volumes)
Written byIshio Yamagata
Illustrated byKei Toru
Published byShueisha
English publisher
MagazineSuper Dash & Go!
Original runFebruary 25, 2012November 20, 2014
Volumes4 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byTakeo Takahashi
Written byTatsuhiko Urahata
Music byMichiru Ōshima
Licensed by
Original networkMBS, AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11
English network
Original run July 4, 2015 September 19, 2015
Episodes12 (List of episodes)


Six people called the Braves of the Six Flowers are chosen by the Goddess of Fate to defeat the Demon God (魔神, Majin). However, when they gather, there are seven heroes present, leading them to believe that one is an impostor and on the side of the Demon God. The landscape, architecture, and written language portrayed is very similar to Mesoamerican Maya or Aztec peoples.



Adlet Mayer (アドレット・マイア, Adoretto Maia, Adlet Myer in the anime)
Voiced by: Sōma Saitō,[1] Miyuki Sawashiro (young) (Japanese); Robbie Daymond[2] (English)
The main protagonist. He is the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world. He fights using tools and trickery to catch his opponent off-guard. Teguneu appeared at his village when he was a child and destroyed it while capturing all the villagers except Adlet. His reason for wanting to become a Brave is revenge. Since he could not become a Saint (only women can become Saints) he went and found Altro, a hermit adept in various fighting styles and in science.
Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra (ナッシェタニア・ルーイ・ピエナ・アウグストラ, Nasshetania Rūi Piena Augusutora, Nachetanya Loei Piena Augustra in anime)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa[1] (Japanese); Abby Trott[2] (English)
The first princess of Piena and the Saint of Blades. She can make blades appear out of nothing to use as projectiles. Her family was killed during a civil war in Piena.
Fremy Speeddraw (フレミー・スピッドロウ, Furemī Supiddorō, Flamie Speeddraw in anime)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki[1] (Japanese); Brianna Knickerbocker[2] (English)
A sniper known as the Six Flower Killer (Brave-Killer in anime) and the Saint of Gunpowder. She is a half-fiend who was betrayed by her mother and tribe after failing to kill Chamo, so she goes to kill the Demon God in revenge. She can create bullets and other explosives out of thin air. She loves dogs and hates humans, though it appears she has feelings for Adlet despite her denying it. Thanks to Adlet she was willing to accept the rest of the Braves as her comrades and they accepted her as well.
Hans Humpty (ハンス・ハンプティ, Hansu Hanputi)
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura[1] (Japanese); Ben Diskin[2] (English)
A strange assassin man who mimics a cat as he talks, as well as their movement. He fences with an unworldly and peculiar skill. He is the only one who believes that the Seventh is unaware of his own status, and suspects that Adlet is the Seventh. He is the first to find out that Adlet is not the Seventh (via using his assassin techniques) and does everything in his power to prove his innocence.
Mora Chester (モーラ・チェスター, Mōra Chesutā, Maura Chester in anime)
Voiced by: Rina Satō[1] (Japanese); Wendee Lee[2] (English)
An extremely serious and intellectual woman. She serves as the leader of the Saints and is the Saint of Mountains. She initially suspected Adlet was the seventh even going so far as framing him for the crime of attacking Hans, which never actually happened. She is the only person Chamo will listen to.
Chamo Rosso (チャモ・ロッソ, Chamo Rosso, Chamot Rosso in anime)
Voiced by: Ai Kakuma[1] (Japanese); Kira Buckland (English)
A proud little girl who is called the most powerful warrior of the current age. She is the Saint of Swamps. Every kyōma she has ever eaten lives in the swamp within her stomach. She vomits every time she uses them as weapons. She carries a small foxtail grass to help her do this. While she is powerful she often doesn't listen to others and will act on her own as she pleases.
Goldof Auora (ゴルドフ・アウオーラ, Gorudofu Auōra, Goldov Auora in anime)
Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama[1] (Japanese); Ray Chase[2] (English)
A young knight completely devoted to Nashetania, he wields a giant spear. He was tasked to find the Six Flower Killer. He is jealous of Adlet's closeness to the Princess. Having been saved by Nashetania when he was little, he swore to protect her ever since.
Rolonia Manchetta (ロロニア・マンチェッタ, Roronia Manchetta)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto
A short girl who wears cow-themed armor and glasses. She is the Saint of Fresh Blood and a childhood friend of Adlet and is adept at healing magic. She arrived at the end of the first volume, bringing the number of the braves back to 7. She was initially just a servant who washed clothes at the temple of the God of Fresh Blood. When the saint before her died, she was chosen by the god rather than all the acolytes present. She wields a whip in battle that is filled with her blood. This allows her to control it completely and one scratch can force the blood out of any opponent it touches.


Tgurneu (テグネウ, Teguneu)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida
One of the three kyōma leaders. He is very manipulative and loves to read poems. He believes that 'love' is the ultimate weapon.
Cargikk (カーグイック, Kāguikku)
One of the three kyōma leaders. He takes the form of a lion and treats his fellow kyōma as his children.
Dozzu (ドズー, Dozū)
One of the three kyōma leaders. He takes the form of a dog and can control lightning.


Light novelsEdit

Rokka no Yūsha began as a light novel series written by Ishio Yamagata, with illustrations by Miyagi. Shueisha published the first novel on August 25, 2011 under their Super Dash Bunko imprint.[3] With the introduction of Dash X Bunko on November 11, 2014, the fifth volume of the light novel was released. Six volumes have been released as of July 24, 2015. North American publisher Yen Press announced their license to the series at Anime Expo 2016.[4] A spin-off volume titled Rokka no Yūsha Archive 1: Don't pray to the flower was released on March 25, 2016.[5]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 August 25, 2011[3]978-4-08-630633-1April 18, 2017[6]978-0-31-650141-5
2 April 25, 2012[7]978-4-08-630671-3August 22, 2017[8]978-0-31-655619-4
3 November 22, 2012[9]978-4-08-630710-9December 12, 2017[10]978-0-31-655620-0
4 July 25, 2013[11]978-4-08-630745-1April 24, 2018[12]978-0-31-655622-4
5 November 21, 2014[13]978-4-08-631008-6August 21, 2018[14]978-0-31-655623-1
6 July 24, 2015[15]978-4-08-631056-7December 11, 2018[16]978-0-31-655624-8
Archive 1 March 25, 2016[5]978-4-08-631105-2


A manga adaptation, illustrated by Kei Toru, began serialization in Shueisha's Super Dash & Go! with the April 2012 issue sold on February 25.[17] After the magazine ended its publication in print in April 2013, the manga continued serialization online[18][19] until November 20, 2014. Four tankōbon volumes were published from October 25, 2012[20] to July 24, 2015.[21] Yen Press announced their license to the manga adaptation at Anime Expo 2016[4] and released all volumes in 2017.

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 October 25, 2012[20]978-4-08-782468-1January 24, 2017[22]978-0-31-650142-2
2 July 25, 2013[23]978-4-08-782656-2May 23, 2017[24]978-0-31-655625-5
3 November 21, 2014[25]978-4-08-782798-9August 22, 2017[26]978-0-31-655626-2
4 July 24, 2015[27]978-4-08-782853-5November 14, 2017[21]978-0-31-655627-9


An anime television series adaptation of the first novel volume, produced by Passione and directed by Takeo Takahashi[28] aired from July 4 to September 19, 2015. The series is licensed in North America by Ponycan USA[29] and by Anime Limited in the UK.[30] Five pieces of theme music were used for the episodes: two opening themes and three ending themes. From episodes 1-4 and 12, "Cry for the Truth" was used as the first opening theme, and from episodes 1-3, 8 and 12, "Secret Sky" was used as the first ending theme, both performed by Michi.[31] The second opening theme "Black Swallowtail" by Uroboros was used from episodes 5-11, and the second ending theme used from episodes 4-5 and 10 is "Dance in the Fake" by Yoko Hikasa.[1][31] From episodes 6-7, 9 and 11, "Nameless Heart" by Aoi Yūki was used as the third ending theme.[31]

No. Title Original air date
1"The Strongest Man in the World"
"Chijō Saikyō no Otoko" (地上最強の男)
July 4, 2015 (2015-07-04)
A mysterious man named Adlet Myer, proclaiming himself to be the strongest in the world, interrupts a holy semifinal competition between two warriors. After incapacitating both warriors and the royal guards, he finds himself thrown into jail. He believes he will become a Brave, one of the six chosen warriors to fight the Demon God, and he wishes to fight alongside Princess Nachetanya, already chosen as a Brave. After moved to his prison cell, he's chosen as a Brave during one night, and Nachetanya comes and rescues him from his cell. The two of them leave the city on horseback, making their way west.
2"The First Journey"
"Hajimete no Tabi" (初めての旅)
July 11, 2015 (2015-07-11)
After picking up a case from Adlet's hideout, Adlet and Nachetanya travel and then stop in an orchard, where Nachetanya shows the abilities of a Saint of Blades, a woman who's been blessed with special abilities by a god. As they continue travelling, they talk about Nachetanya's past and the Brave-Killer. They come across a village that's been terrorized by fiends, and they defeat the fiends. Adlet travels into the village to rescue someone, and meets a dangerous woman named Flamie Speeddraw. The knight Goldov appears to tell Nachetanya that Flamie is the Brave-Killer.
3"The Girl Who Kills Braves"
"Rokka-goroshi no Shōjo" (六花殺しの少女)
July 18, 2015 (2015-07-18)
Flamie tells Adlet to leave her alone, stating she must fight the Demon God by herself. However, Adlet chases after her until she is forced to travel together with him. He sends a message to Nachetanya with his horse, telling her to continue towards the peninsula—where the Demon God is—without him or Flamie. Adlet and Flamie eventually run into a fortress, where soldiers explain to them about a barrier that should help the Braves in a nearby temple. As Adlet and Flamie continue to travel, they are suddenly attacked by Nachetanya and Goldov, with Nachetanya warning Adlet to stay away from Flamie.
4"The Heroes Gather"
"Yūsha Shūketsu" (勇者集結)
July 25, 2015 (2015-07-25)
Flamie reveals herself to be the Brave-Killer, but that she now wishes to defeat the Demon God. Adlet convinces Nachetanya and Goldov to accept her as a Brave, and they travel onwards. They find a large number of fiends blocking the way to the barrier temple. After they defeated the fiends and reached the temple, they found the barrier already activated, trapping them. Then, 3 other Braves arrive (Chamot, Maura, and Hans) at the temple. All 7 of them stand and face each other, confused. There has always only been 6 Braves, never 7. They deduce one must be a fake, and their enemy.
5"The Seventh Brave"
"Nana Ninme no Yūsha" (七人目の勇者)
August 1, 2015 (2015-08-01)
Adlet and Hans went outside to find an escape to the barrier, but unfortunately, they went in circles. When they went back, they saw Flamie cuffed and tied as the initial Seventh Brave, and the prime suspect of the activation of the barrier. Maura then suggested to introduce themselves in order to gather information about each other. During Flamie's introduction, she revealed herself as a half-human, half-fiend entity, born from a human father and a fiend mother. Adlet then explained his side of the story, but Hans saw a flaw in it like those 'locked room' mysteries, therefore making him the prime suspect.
6"A Trap and a Rout"
"Wana to Kaisō" (罠と潰走)
August 8, 2015 (2015-08-08)
Adlet, in his confusion and anxiety, took Flamie as his hostage, poisoned her, and escaped the temple, but Hans threw a dagger on him to slow him down. He then passed out because of the blood loss while escaping. While he was down, he remembered how he went to his master, Atro Spiker, and begged to take him as his student. His first lesson was to smile in despair. As he regained his consciousness, he noticed that he had bandages, and Flamie patched him up. They both talked about their pasts, and as they open up to each other, he then speculated that there might be an Eighth Brave, and they needed to find that out.
7"The Reason of the Two"
"Futari no Riyū" (二人の理由)
August 15, 2015 (2015-08-15)
Adlet talked about his past, on how he was taught to fight and even learn science by Atro Spiker, his master. He also talked about a lizard-like humanoid kyoma who had three wings who went to their village when he was young. Flamie then confirmed that it was the same fiend who convinced her mother to give birth to her. Because of this, his best friend and his sister died, leaving him behind. Flamie then told her story that her mother tried to kill her, making her furious of her kind, especially the Demon King. They then parted ways, and Flamie headed back. Inside the temple, the other Braves devised a plan to capture and kill Adlet. As the group divided themselves, Adlet went to the temple, but Hans was able to injure Adlet.
8"The Average Man and the Genius"
"Bonjin to Tensai" (凡人と天才)
August 22, 2015 (2015-08-22)
Adlet was able to escape, but then engaged in a battle with Hans in the forest. Adlet is trying to convince Hans somehow, but Hans thought that it was not enough. As Adlet tried to trick Hans, he did not kill him to prove that he is not the impostor. Hans then told Adlet that he is the Seventh Brave, slicing his throat open. Adlet then realized that it was a hallucination, and Hans believed him as he saw his dying reaction. Meanwhile, Nachetanya speculated that Hans might be the Seventh Brave, and is asking Goldov for help. Adlet and Hans went back to the temple to find clues, but then Chamot was outside, and she attacked both of them by summoning fiends which were inside her.
9"Blossoms of Doubt"
"Giwaku no Tsubomi" (疑惑の蕾)
August 29, 2015 (2015-08-29)
Adlet and Hans battled Chamot, but her fiends would always regenerate, making them hard to incapacitate. They then thought of incapacitating Chamot to stop the fiends. It was a success, and they captured Chamot. They asked her if she knows anything about the activation of the barrier, and she nodded no. Adlet went to search for more clues, and used the bomb that Flamie gave to give a signal to her. Flamie noticed and met each other. Adlet hypothesized about a saint's involvement on the matter and their possible uses, but Flamie rebuked them. Back at the temple, Hans told Maura and Chamot the same thing, but Maura refused to take them. Meanwhile, Nachetanya confirms with Goldov if someone died by checking her crest.
10"Desperate Situation"
"Zettai Zetsumei" (絶体絶命)
September 5, 2015 (2015-09-05)
Adlet told her his hypothesis, and then confessed his feelings to Flamie, but it made her more doubtful, thinking that Adlet is deceiving her. Hans told Maura and Chamot the same thing, which made Maura call for Nachetanya and Goldov. She told them that Hans was almost killed by Adlet, making Nachetanya snap and furious. Flamie pursued the escaping Adlet, and made a signal to the others of their location. Maura caught up and the three engaged in a battle, but then Adlet surrendered and convinced Maura about Flamie's innocence so the others won't suspect her if he dies. Maura tried to kill Adlet, but Flamie was able to stop her. Adlet and Flamie escaped, but was cornered by Nachetanya and Goldov.
11"Counter Attack"
"Hankō" (反攻)
September 12, 2015 (2015-09-12)
Adlet and Flamie were cornered by Maura, Nachetanya, and Goldov. Adlet tried to go back to the temple to meet with Hans while Flamie backed him up, but Maura and Goldov stopped Flamie, and Nachetanya pursued and incapacitated Adlet in the process. He felt the chills as Nachetanya gave the final blow, and blocked her weapon using his hands and kicked her to escape. Goldov followed him until they went back to the place where they fought the fiends near the temple. As Goldov, Nachetanya, Maura, and the captured Flamie got back together, Nachetanya was shocked to see Chamot with Hans, alive. She then apologized to Adlet for attacking him. Adlet finally made a conclusion as to how he/she might have done it. His theory involved the Sun Saint, Riura, being kidnapped, and was told to raise the temperature for over a week. As soon as one of the Braves opened the temple, they killed her, dropping the temperature, and a fiend ate her body. Hans was able to find the body, which then concludes as to who the Seventh Brave was.
12"The Time to Reveal the Answer"
"Kaimei no Toki" (解明の時)
September 19, 2015 (2015-09-19)
Adlet confirmed that Maura might have been the Seventh Brave if his deductions were correct, but Chamot rebuked his conclusion. She and Hans were able to find copies of the tablet and tools that might have been used for the real activation of the barrier. On the second tablet were instructions to reactivate the fog barrier, which was by removing the knife and shattered tablet, drip blood all over the stand, recite the spell, and break the tablet. This made everyone think that the person who broke the tablet was the Seventh Brave. Flamie confirmed that it was Nachetanya, and everyone was surprised. By deduction, Adlet also thought that the person who sent him to the temple was the one who planned everything from the very beginning, and it was her. As he confirmed it, she then surrendered and claimed that she really is the Seventh Brave, and Goldov was shocked. Nachetanya told them that she wanted to kill them all because she believed that humans and fiends could live together in peace, but around 500,000 humans might die in the process. Adlet then ordered everyone to kill her, but she escaped. He fainted due to the loss of blood. As he regained consciousness, Maura apologized to him for not being able to know who the Seventh Brave was. She also took care of his wounds. After resting, they all went outside to go to the Demon King, but to their surprise, they met Rolonia, Adlet's childhood friend and the Saint of Blood, apologizing for being late because of the fog and claiming that she is one of the Braves. During the confusion, troops from Gwenbyer went to the temple to tell everyone that more than a thousand fiends would gather there to go back to the Land of the Howling Demons. They stopped thinking first as to who might be the Seventh Brave, and strategized to kill the Demon King.


Stig Høgset from THEM Anime Reviews was intrigued by the overall mystery throughout the show, but felt it dragged viewers along with constant accusations towards the same character, "inconsistent" animation and underutilizing its Youma sentients.[32]


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